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earning money online is  easy and best way to make lot of money  internet industry gowing big every passing day  with growth of internet online earning oppurtnity is also growing with growth of oppurtnity online earning trends also increasing day day today also people in village remote area who don’t know about internet  when you talk about how you can make money  online they will directly say it is scam some people in city also believe same kind of the things  without wasting further time today i will tell 10 best ways to make money online here are your  best 10 ways to make money online 1.ways to to make  money online is : blogging, blogging is easiest ways to earn money online doing blogging is not very easy not very very difficult if  i had to define what is blogging simply i will tell you blogging is just writting what you think what you speak in own word in today time many blogger from all around world earning lots money when your starting new blog  you  don”t expect that you will earn  lots of money in oneday blogging is long term process which you have repeat every day by writing new articles  in beginning  for writting a blogging you just required one website for a beginners , I will recommeded  you should start  your blog on  blogspot .com  after sometime when you find yourself that now your ready  your are perfect shift your blog from blogspot to  wordpress is open source software, wordpress also provide free domain and hosting but i will recommeded you don’t take free severice you should buy domain and hosting after buying domain and hosting wordpress  wordpress will allow  more free space and you can place lots of ads  your online earning automatically going get  increase for placing ads on your blog  you should have one fully approve  google adsense acount for new website google adsense  take six month get  fully approved  google adsense in  country like india and china. in other country it take just two days to get approve, If you are running your blog on blogspot you just required seven to eight  post to get nonhosted  google adsense approved but frankly speaking your earning  will be very low ,so make sure your write 20 to 30 genuine real post get google adsense hosted account approved start  writting blog on your  website and increase your online earnings 2. ways to make money online is: joining youtube partner program ,after blogging  my second favorate ways to earn  money online is youtube  is american video sharing platform  which is created buy former paypal employee today many famous yotuber earning lots of money  1 year from youtube which enginner  docter have work whole life  even then after working whole life might even not come close this hard reality  you to believe before creating youtube chanell you have to decide whether you want  to become famous or you just want to earn money don”t care about anything if you want to become famous youtube is right place you are in right direction  it might take time but if you are doing hard work every oneday your hard will pay in form of views and subcriber when your view or subscriber increase your earning automatically going get increase from google adsense if you have good number of subscriber you will get direct sponsorship from differrent company for  those who have tailent but very shy of speaking  and expressing themself you can still make money from youtube by uploading other video i am saying uploading others video that doesn’t means that you have to upload copwrighted video theire is one more ways you can upload other video go search bar of youtube then go to filter, find creative common option click on creative common  find the video before uploading creative common video i am going to suggest you please check the video  on social blades before uploading it  if you find theire no claim by others then upload it.  if you had created new chanell after reaching 10000 please delect all the creative common video then you should   upload some of original video of your original means any video which has taken by you moble or camera if  you have original  content on  youtube your chanell directly get  monetize in one apply after reaching .after monetization  reupload all the creative common video once again, i am very sure if you work properly here you will earn lots.  do it in proper ways 3.way to earn money online : is by doing affiliate marketing ; first question arising in your mind what is affiliate marketing : in simple term or in simple meaning affiliate marketing is sellling other product after selling other’s product you will get fix amount commission for doing affilate marketing you just required on website after that you do  sinup with ecommerce company which is  running  affiliate paterner program after finding you  just you have to go theire do sinup process fill all the correct detail and imformation and choose famous product which has great demand in the market write blog about affiliate product which you are promoting make sure before promoting the product  you should read  all review about the product and then write create blog and write correct and catchy articles about the product on your website put the affiliate link of the product.  here the name of  top famous website which is running  affiliate program amazon Ebay clickbank filpcart snapdeals by doing affiliate marketing you can earn lots money online  i am not saying it is easy but anything is possible if  you have right and killer attitude 4 way to make money online :  buy doing freelancing or freelancer: you might have heard from many people that his freelancer he or she earn more than 100$ dollar in weak or in  days but what these word freelancing or freelancer means here is your answer freelancer is self emoloyed person who offer various severice for client on base of project he complete the work and get pay instantly if you are freelacer you have freedom choose anywork any and work on it for example if your expert in webdesigning or any xyz client will  directly meet you  and ask for negotsiation and if you are ready client will directly pay you after compeleting the work, now let’s talk about advantages of freelancing first andvantage of freelancing is you choose your work you don’t have any boss theire to decide what to do  it means that you are the boss second advantage of freelancing you can choose your own schedule when dou want to work or when you don’t want to work third advatage is you choose your client whom do you want work or whom do you don’t want to do work 4 advantage freelancer get better pay better pay means if  you had more experience you can ask for money now come to main point how to start freelancing carrier theire are lots of site where you can do or start freelancing carrier my suggestion before doing or starting freelancing carier first figuer out your skill like digital marketing ,webdesignig,content writer,graphic desiging ect then determine your target and market then create online portfolio then set your price in what price you want to work for client after compeleting all these thing now reach your client here are some top freelancing site first is  my favorate freelancing site on fiverr you can do anywork just got to fiverr do the sinup process and creat gigs of your skill start earning in fiverr you will get instant  pay after compelting order next my favorate freelancing website is you to create your account manywork  will be shown in the form of project just go theire do the bidding if you are newbiee i will recommended don’t bid to high from this website you can earn lot money work on this website earn money online 5 .ways to make money online is: data entery is one of the best way of earning money online from home let start   data entery job you can do online as well as offline now with growing internet online data entery becoming more famous days by day so let come to main point what is data entry..? data entery is similar to typist in which you want to enter types of data this means theire so many type data which you can enter msanually no qualification degree is required anyone can do this now which type of data entery are theire direct input  of the data in the  appropriate data , this means that suppose you have insurance for first name and last name last name all ready you to fill according to theire name and detail why data entry becomming more famous why it rquired because when dealing with sensitive imformation such as medical, financial,military records, person discrection become very relevent as well .here no technica.knowledge required you can work from home top online data entry website name are upwork and elance  in upwork, elance, available theire you can directly do biding. I am very sure if you work properly theire monthy 40000 to 60000 online 6. ways to make money online: by becoming amazon and Ebay sellers this my personal favorate ways to earn money online from home just you have to product do all   listing of the product and upload it set price and then you don’t have to take tension like delivering ect they will take rest of care if person any person oder any of your product amzon and Ebay guyz directly visit your house they will pack your odered product and delivered your product 7. ways to mak earn money online :dailymotion is  just like youtube another video sharing platform go to dailymotion website just like youtube make chanell and upload video but like youtube will not earn money lot  because dailymotion don’t have theire own ads network they take money from google adsense and then pay to chanell owner another main diffrence in dailymotion theire no traffic if you don’t upload video daily you will not earn money but good things about dailymotion you can upload copywrited video too if by chance you got copywrite strike your  chanell will not  shut down  you can upload unlimited 8.  way to earn money online: facebook is world largest social media site with no doubt now facebook has started doing monetization like google adsense  by joining facebook monetization you can earn money from one more way  you can also make money by creating facebook fanpage suppose your fanpage like is near about 1 lakhs you can take money from other people for promoting theire product on your facebook fanpage 9. way to make money  online :by selling photos you can earn money online by selling suppose you are good in doing photography you went somewhere you had taken great some great phone you can directly sell photography website you will get huge amount of money 10 way make money online : by joining ptc websit in my 99% of ptc is scam don’t waste your time theire but theire are two whic don’t do scam but they pay very low ptc website not good ways  to earn money online]]>

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