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A Website is said to be SEO friendly when it has aligned features and configurations in such a way that it becomes simpler for search engines to crawl and get an idea about the actual content of the website. There are multiple counts of websites available on the internet and it is vital and required that your website has some or all the characteristics fitted during its making so that your website will be easily viewed by the search engines. There are certain tips which can help in improving your WordPress SEO are listed below;

  1. Utilizing search engine optimized themes: It is always important to build a healthy and stronger base of foundation in order to create the best product. For that WordPress provides a variety of themes to have that stronger base for your website. Another important criterion is that a theme must be optimized by the search engine. As that particular theme contains speed and a proper code, which helps Google bots to find the appropriate code. Using the theme which is the best look wise is of course, important, but it must be search engine optimized at the same time.
  2. Use the correct name for your image file: Google search engine also calculates images while ranking. So it is important that appropriate image name must be used in order to improve your rankings in Google search engines. You can use the name which is relevant to the picture rather than just use the default name of the image. This helps Google bots to understand the purpose of that image in the content and eventually increase your rankings as well.
  3. Setting Permalinks: Permalinks are URL’s that are used in your website for posts and pages. Or in other words, they are what is used in the address bar to view the related page. These URL’s are also used for the linkage purpose with search engines and other websites as well. WordPress does have the facility to change the default permalink provided by it as per your need. Just go in setting and permalink. The already available setting must be changed always to make it more users friendly.
  4. Media optimization is important as well: Your SEO practices whether they are good or bad are decided by the way you tag or name the images to specify the SEO. Proper tagging and naming of the images will surely result in higher rankings in the searches. It is necessary that you give a proper and simple yet meaning full name to the images; a Word Press has an option of changing a title and adding a small caption. It helps to improve your WordPress SEO.
  5. Utilize a Dedicated SEO Plug-in: These are nothing but the parts which can be downloaded to add various new features and functions to your website. These are additional software provided by WordPress which can help to improve your WordPress SEO. Yoast SEO which is software that provides SEO plug-in can be used to increase the efficiency of your website and as a result, you’re ranking as well.
  6. Content must be shareable: Almost everyone uses an internet and social media websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. It becomes easier for a viewer to share your content across multiple mediums at the same time as the sharing option which helps to gain a large crowd in a short period of time. More traffic will allow more creditability to your website. It can increase the percentage incredibly to improve your ranking, so the power of social media is always on a higher side.
  7. A choice of an accurate hosting provider: An accurate hosting provider will help you to take your website on the top of the SERP’s. Google search engines consider speed as one of its main factors while ranking. It is also important to consider downtime as well as the distance between servers and visitors, as these points are also said to be the major ranking factors. A proper host must be chosen by taking factors like reliability, reputation, and performance in order to improve your WordPress SEO.
  8. Use the keywords properly in content: keywords must be more expressive than their sizes. A keyword must contain a pure meaning that can help in understanding the actual topic of the content. Keyword must be chosen after thinking from the viewer’s point of view always. They are important in terms of search engine crawlers as well. The stuffing of keywords must be naturally done and not artificially. Applying keywords must be done smartly, as it can make or ruin your SEO considerably.
  9. Content must be of good quality: The content that needs to be uploaded to the website must be of higher-quality and it should be the engaging one. High-quality content does not mean only the grammatical mistakes free and spelling mistakes free content, the content should attract the reader to read it more curiously always.
  10. Exchanging backlinks: Linking of the pages within your website must be done. It must be done only if it contains the relevant information. Linking every page with one another can make your linking bulky.

These are just 10 tips mentioned above, but the list is the giant and never-ending. There are so many suggestions that have been suggested by different writers after experiencing the WordPress; various other suggestions can come in future as well. These tips can be useful for you to improve your WordPress SEO. As per the Google search engine, there are many factors that need to be considered while ranking a particular website. It is difficult but not at all impossible to think of every factor while creating a WordPress SEO. You need to just try to make your content attractive so that it should appear on the very first page of the search engine. The above-mentioned tips can be used to make it more and more SEO friendly and user-friendly as well.

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