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Buying a great gimbal is always a very impressive idea, but at the same time you do want to know how to use one. Understanding what to do and what not to do with the gimbal is a great thing, since it will eliminate concerns and really help you focus on results. 

There are obvious challenges that appear when you want to use a gimbal, but there are also things to avoid. Jere are some of the stuffs that you want to avoid when you use your gimbal.

Constantly being impatient when setting it up

Setting up the gimbal requires attention and precision. The last thing you want is to do the wrong thing while installing just because you were impatient. In the end, this stuff will cost you as it can become very difficult.

Leaving the gimbal, the way it is

You always want to customize your gimbal and ensure that it all works the best way that you can. It’s a very good idea to customize things like speed, motor power and other functions. It might not seem that much for you at first, but in the long run this is definitely something you want to address as much as you can. 

No calibrating

When you change lenses, you always want to calibrate your gimbal. The truth is that every lens comes with a different weight. That’s why you want to calibrate everything properly, so you definitely need to consider this stuff as much as you can. Doing that properly can help more than you might expect, and in the end, it will just make the process more convenient.

Not checking any camera compatibility

You need to ensure that your gimbal is compatible with your camera. Failing to do so results in not being able to use the gimbal at all, which is obviously a bad idea. That’s why you always want to check for any compatibility. That’s what really matters after all, so take it into consideration and you will be more than ok.

Getting a random gimbal

If you just buy a random gimbal and don’t check for compatibility, that becomes an issue. Your focus has to be on knowing what you need, ideally you want a gimbal specifically created for the type of work that you want to do.

Forgetting spare batteries

The gimbal runs on batteries, so if you don’t have any spare batteries, you won’t be able to use the gimbal once its own batteries run out. Having spares always helps you avoid issues, and it just makes the experience a whole lot better.

Don’t overspend on a gimbal

The truth is that you can find affordable gimbal options, but also very expensive one. What you want to do is to stick to your budget and focus on buying the stuff that you actually need. That’s what will convey a much better experience and results in the long run, so give it a try for yourself.

Adding too much weight

Too much weight can end up damaging your gimbal and that’s certainly one of the things to consider as much as you can. We recommend checking the weight limit and always ensure that you avoid getting past that number. Otherwise, issues will ensue.

You overdo the gimbal movements

If you do that, you can end messing up your shots. Just press once if you want to move a little bit. It does take some trial and error to narrow down what gimbal movements work and how you can adapt to them. It’s definitely a bit time consuming, but the benefits can indeed be amazing if you do this right all the time.

A lack of arm stabilization

You want to stabilize your arms while shooting videos. The truth is that if you bounce the gimbal and your arms up and down, the overall video will not be good at all.


As you can see, there are a variety of things you want to avoid with the gimbal. At the end of the day, understanding the process and making sure that you prevent problems is exactly what you want to pursue. 

It’s always a very good idea to take your time and ensure that you adapt and implement the right solutions. That’s what makes it well worth it to have a quality gimbal, since it brings efficiency, value and a great return on investment. However, you do need to ensure that you use it right!

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