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The big day of your life not necessarily has to be a traditional one. It is your day after all, and you have the full right to live it your way. If the alter that you saw in your dreams and the doves that you have desired are floating in the nearby fountain, then why not make some unexpected changes in the food menu?

If you are up for a memorable wedding, then your food many should be such that it lingers in the mouth of the invitees, even when you are raising your own grand kids (sounds weird, right?). Yes, food can make some really good memories! Own your wedding with these unique food ideas for wedding catering.

  1. Baby Lobster Rolls

This food item is mainly an English recipe but it tastes as delicious as hell. It is not only an unexpected hors d’oeuvre but they also make to be good snacks as well. Baby lobster Rolls, does not need any elaboration and you can easily count in them as your starters for the evening.

  1. Loaded Ladles

These are the mini forms of the extraordinary combination of veggies and shrimp. A mouthful of these and the guests cannot keep hand away from the wedding catering counter.

Not only is it a good starter, but it is also a good appetizer. The veggies in the food are filled leafy veggies, filled with minerals which can detoxify your muscles. So that, it can burn some fat so that it strikes you to be hungry.

  1. Churro Bites

How does cinnamon and sugar sound after a shrimp twist? Churro bites and crispy and flavored sweet with sugar and cinnamon. It changes the flavor of your mouth and makes you ready for some other flavor.

This desert is a must have if there are too many sweet tooth’s in your family. Churro bites are often served as deserts but you can also have them in the beginning. You know, just for a crazy taste ride!

  1. Crostini Station

Have you ever considered a crostini station as a part off your wedding catering menu? These little toasts and rolls of different flavors and recipes will totally blow the guest’s mind. Filled with cream cheese, salmon, and different sauces is a perfect way to make your guests want more.

  1. Chicken and Fried Cones

What else does a fat American Wedding want, other than chicken fried chicken along with French fries in a cone. Not only that, wedding will get just better when it will be dipped in tomato sauce or mustard sauce in the end. As delicious as it sounds, the trendier it will get on your wedding. Just click any picture and there will always be guests holding these.

  1. Donut Mountain

What a beautiful way of cheeping up your wedding with donuts! Chocolate, Vanilla, candies and god knows what not can easily loosen up the wedding drama. But do not make it look like a Halloween treat but a sweet candy shop for a sweet event.

  1. Waffle Bites

Waffles are no more a ranch option. Yes, they have been promoted as the direct deserts in the wedding menu. These starry waffles are filled with cream and jelly to make your day. Especially, for children.

Sometimes, to your surprise it is also topped with cheese, corn and cilantro. No matter what, it is a good sidekick in the menu.

  1. Waterlemon on a Stick

This is a must if your wedding is scheduled around summer. Not juice and not wine, a straight away lump burst of fruit in your mouth. Plus, these can also be a sweet counterpart of lollipop.

  1. Lobster with Mashed Potatoes

What else can be better to make a side dish along with other than a creamy lobster with mashed potato? This awesome combination of cheese and lobster on the other end is delicious. One of its main things is that it enhances the taste of other food.

  1. Seasonal Salad

The best thing about seasonal salad is that you can add the seasonal veggies and seasonal fish in the salad. It is healthy, it tastes better, and it fills your stomach better.

So, these were some of wedding cratering food ideas that you can surprise your guest with. Make your wedding not only fantabulous but delicious as well.

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