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14 effective tips to beat stress and anxiety in natural ways

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14 effective tips to beat stress and anxiety in natural ways

So, stress, anxiety, and fear are very poisons in our lives. We often react in this way to what is happening to us.  So you should learn to overcome stress in simple ways.

There are many options, how to calm the mind and regain balance.

Using them, we improve our lives and do not give stress to take over.

1.How to overcome stress, anxiety, and fear?

Instead of “fighting yourself” or running away from problems, it’s best to do breathing exercises.

Relaxation techniques also help to calm down and restore balance.

  1. To meet fear

This way of overcoming fear is to clearly imagine what causes fear. Then, quite possibly, it turns out that “the devil is not so terrible as he is painted.”

Thus, for example, you can overcome stress before a public speaking.

Being sincere with yourself is a powerful psychological tool that, in particular, helps to overcome fear.


  1. Is fear really stopping you?

Sometimes we are seized with a strong alarm.  And the fear of something spreads to other areas of our lives.

If we find ourselves in such a situation, we must try to think things over. Including, and their fears.

Probably, they are connected with the wrong interpretation of the situation, with an incomplete understanding of the situation.

  1. Physical activity helps relieve stress

Do you know that physical exercises help to relax? And they also contribute to the development of endorphins and the removal of stress.

Moreover, they strengthen our immune system and increase body temperature (if it is too low).

  1. Anxiety can be understood as excitation or activation

Anxiety, anxiety is not always a bad thing. In certain difficult situations, you can treat anxiety as a form of excitement, rather than as nervousness.

One study showed that people who interpret their anxiety not as “ruffled nerves,” but as an excitement, activation, mobilization of their body and mind, are more likely to act correctly and successfully cope with the situation.

  1. It is important not to forget about your successes

It is necessary to make two lists. In one of them, list the problems and troubles, and in the other note their successes, what we managed to do well. Then we can compare the situation with problems and failures with the situation with our successes.

Thus, we will think not only about our problems and failures but also about our successes and achievements. And, quite possibly, the list of this latter “outweigh” the list of failures and problems.


  1. Do not worry too much about things that could happen in the future.

Unfortunately, we often tend to think too much about the problems and troubles that might “lie in wait” for us in the future. Naturally, we are covered with anxiety and fear.

But you need to try to control your thoughts and sensibly assess the overall situation. If something can happen in the future, it does not mean that it will happen in reality. In any case, this future is far away, and while you can relax.


  1. Take life as a game more often

It is important to be able to treat different things (including unpleasant things) happening with you, with humor. On the other hand, tasks that have to be solved in life can be perceived as interesting challenges.

For example, to overcome stress, you can perceive your activities as a game. When something goes wrong, you can always start the “party” again and try to solve the problem differently.


  1. Important values

When we are in a tense, stressful situation, we need to turn to our values.

So, what is the most important for us? For example, our family, partner, children or work? If we concentrate on what is really important for us, then we can adequately respond to the challenges that life makes to us.


  1. Helping others, we help ourselves

Keep the door open before friends and relatives, help children in school …

Of course, you need to be ready (and show this willingness) to listen, support, offer help. When we help others, our negative emotions and stress recede.


  1. Coffee helps to control stress

As some studies have shown, coffee can help to overcome stress.

However, it is important to observe the measure! Since excessive use of this drink can lead to the opposite result.

  1. Meditation is an excellent anti-stress medication.

You need to learn to concentrate your attention on the present, on the tasks that are facing you at the moment.

As a result, we stop worrying about the future, as well as worrying about the long-past events. Meditation naturally helps to get rid of depression, anxiety, and pain and overcome stress.

  1. Dialogue with you

A study conducted in 2014 with students showed that internal dialogue is very important for our inner world.

Subjects who used the pronoun “you” or their name more often in it demonstrated greater self-confidence than those who used the pronoun “I” more often.

And, as it turned out, it’s easier for them to perform in public.


  1. Is stress so bad?

Is it really so bad stress? According to psychologists, he points us to what is important to us in life.

If we so look at stress and think over our possible actions in a stressful situation, they will most likely be adequate.

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