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If you are searching for the best warranty tracker tool, you need to be cautious to ensure that you purchase the right one. A warranty tracker tool or software helps you process, track, and manage warranties or related claims. It is ideal for organizations and really comes in handy.

There are plenty of warranty tracking tools that you can consider out there. Some are ideal, while others are not recommended. So, how do you which one is right? That is a question we plan on answering here today.

Check out below 3 of the best tools to consider.

  1. FieldEZ

FieldEZ is a field service management software that helps you stay on top of your game. It has ideal features that help you digitize and transform all your field operations. The advantage of FieldEZ is that you can use it on your mobile phone to manage your operations. With FieldEZ, you can increase operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, and improve your employee satisfaction.

FieldEZ allows you to automatically schedule your operations, instantly talk to your customers through SMS, PDF, or email, and get intelligent notifications from your employees. It has a seamless IU/UX and can run on both Android and iOS devices.

Therefore, it is an excellent fleet management app that can help you manage all your tasks efficiently. FieldEZ has an efficient CRM that can help improve the field load factor, save costs on travel, as well as improve the efficiency of task assignments.

  1. Zed-Service

Zed-Service is a customer service CRM software that comes with intelligent reporting and analytics dashboard features. It allows you to keep up with the ever-growing industry, thanks to its scalable service management solutions. It is ideal for industries that require after-sales service and repair management. These processes include walk-in service, return-to-bench (RTB), and on-site service.

You can streamline these processes to help you improve the profitability and image of your brand. Zed-Service can help you improve repairs and replacements, warranty service and claims, and customer support.

  1. FleetPal Connect

FleetPal Connect is a tracking tool ideal for the truck industry. The tool enables fleets, manufacturers, and service providers to manage the warranty data and share it with others efficiently. Therefore, this tool helps ensure everyone in your team has the necessary information to work together properly.

You can also share information with OEMs, warranty providers, aftermarket parts, and vendors. The good thing about FleetPal is that it ensures the warranty information does not get lost when your team is working together.

FleetPal puts vendors that serve the truck industry in direct contact with the aftermarket parts manufacturers and OEMs. Therefore, its efficiency makes it ideal to use and makes your work easier.

Benefits of Fleet Management Apps

With the best fleet management apps available in the market you will be able to optimize your trucking business. It will be easier for you to ensure that you ascertain the safety of your fleet with such apps.

You will also be able to increase and improve the efficiency of your fleet. Another important aspect is that you will ensure that your fleet remains compliant and you have no trouble with the authorities.


Choosing the right warranty tracker tool requires in-depth research to avoid purchasing software that may end frustrating you. Therefore, you need to clearly understand what the software does and what it entails before deciding to use it

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