3 Myths on Voice Over:  Busted

Voice Over can be made online using text to voice platforms. There are many text-to-speech software and applications which make voice over simple and easy. You can use online techniques for free to create a voice-over There is TTS or Text To Speech Online Software which converts your text into lively voices. 

There are 3 easy steps to create an online voiceover for free. 

  1. You can upload your text or type in on the website or application. 
  2. Now you can create the voice over for free. 
  3. Download or share it on digital platforms.

It seems so easy and it actually is. Do you know if you have used voice over artist to create voice overs then you would have spent thousands and still there is no guarantee of quality?

There are so many myths related to voice overs and it is the perfect time to debunk them.

1. Online voice over is not better than voice over artist 

Making voice over online is reliable, engaging and appealing to the audience. Online voice over uses many AI-based platforms. Text to voice converter is used by many national and international game companies. This voice is human-like. 

AI-based online apps and voice-over successfully establish real-time and personalized communication among players. The online Voice Over technique reduces efforts, time and money. It can convert text to speech online as per the demand of the audience. With automation software, you can easily create different speaking styles, tones and pacing. 

Applications using text to voice converters help to produce human-like voices for media advertisements, anime, cartoons and eLearning. So you can create a voice over online using many software apps available online.

Sometimes a voice-over artist records a dialogue between characters in a scripted radio play. But mainly their work is related to off-camera or off-stage commentary or narration. A professional voice over artist is in demand for his clarity, perfection and timing which is now being replaced by AI voice over related applications. 

But you should not be baffled by the idea that voice over can only be made by an artist. It can be successfully made online by people like you!


  • Voice over artist is not expensive 


It is another myth that a voice-over artist is not expensive. A professional artist has demand across the globe. Fame makes the price of the artist. Depending on their levels, speciality and talent the cost of an artist varies. 

There are 5 main factors that determine the price of a professional voice over artist. 

  • Usage
  • Length
  • Pickups
  • Tags
  • Bundling

In India for a non-broadcast voice-over narration such as corporate films, the voice-over rates start from ₹ 8,000/per 5 minutes of recorded audio. Voice over rates starts from ₹ 30,000 per 30-minute episode for broadcast TV shows or documentaries. 


  • Editing voice over is easy


Though there are many online apps, software that can help you to voice over online, it is not all an easy task.

The most challenging and important part of the voice over is its editing. You must know some specifications like EQ or Equalizer, mixing up technique, volume automation, the right use of the compressor, editing of explosives etc.

So, before you get started with voice over you should acquire knowledge about the nitty gritty of this technique.

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