3 Ways to Keep Your Dog Preoccupied During Quarantine

Due to the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus, people worldwide are doing the best that they can to boost their immune system. Everyone eats healthy food, exercises regularly, and drinks vitamins and supplements. They also stay at home and practice social distancing to avoid being infected. But aside from humans, pets like dogs are also affected by the pandemic. Since their owners need to self-isolate at home, they also have to remain indoors until the threat of the virus is over. As a result, dogs may have lesser chances of physical activity, which could eventually affect their overall health.

Inactivity may cause stress for dogs. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your furry pal moving during these uncertain times. So, pick up your sturdy dog gear and start these fun and exciting activities with your dog.

Try A New Routine 

If your dog used to run in open parks as a form of exercise in the past, you need to be creative to introduce an activity that you can do in the comfort of your home. You can ask everyone to join you in a fun puppy ping pong game if you live with other people at home. It requires everybody to take turns calling your pooch then hand out their favorite treat as they come. It could serve as an excellent physical and mental exercise for your pet.

You may also play a game called “Find It” with your dog. It requires you to toss a dog treat six to 10 feet away from where the pet is, then instruct it to look for the treat. It is necessary to let the dog smell the treat first to make it easier for them to find what they need to look for and keep them interested. Once they start to catch on with the game, you can hide the treats in other rooms so they can exert more effort in finding the tasty treat.

Improvise To Do Their Favorite Activities 

Even if you and your dog are stuck at home, you can still take out some of the usual dog gear that you used before you started to self-isolate. If the sight of a leash and harness excites your pooch, you can still use it when you take your furry pal on “walk” on your treadmill. It would be best if you let the dog get comfortable with the treadmill before you begin.

You can do it by placing the dog on the treadmill and give him or her a treat. Then begin your activity by setting the machine at its lowest speed. The leash can serve as an aid, but you must never tie it to the treadmill to avoid accidents. As soon as your dog becomes adjusted to the treadmill, you can gradually increase the speed for variation.

Stimulate Their Minds 

Aside from their physical health, it is also essential to keep your dog mentally healthy. Based on multiple studies, mentally stimulated dogs are happier and less sluggish. It can also reduce their hyperactivity, aggression, and destructive behavior. Mental stimulation is also a good bonding activity that you can do with your dog.

One of the best ways to stimulate your dog’s brain is to give them interactive toys like balls or chew toys. Puzzle toys for dogs are also useful in making them feel busy and in exercising their minds. You may also play the popular Cup Game where you can line up three plastic cups on the floor and place it in front of the dog. Then put a tasty treat under one of the cups then move it around. Ask the dog to guess where the treat landed and give it to them as a reward once they found the right cup.

Taking care of your dog is also crucial during this time of the pandemic. As a pet parent, always see to it that they are in the pink of health while the world is dealing with this uncertain situation, especially since it can be a challenge to bring them to a veterinary clinic while most places worldwide face community quarantine. So, put out your dog gear and let them keep moving even if they have to remain inside the house.

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