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Best Cloud Storage

Who doesn’t like collecting and storing memories for a lifetime and beyond? Clicking pictures on a phone and not having them backed up is something that you won’t do if you know that a device can crash or get damaged at any point in time. A lot of people store memories in external hard drives which is a good option, but a physical device is a risky and vulnerable place for your memories and moments. It is like if you forgot or lost your hard disk device, it is going to be like a “destroyed in seconds” moment for you.

You do know that a physical device is not the right place for storing data when you have secure cloud storage platforms. Not only cloud storage is secure and reliable, but it is cost-friendly too. Your files are stored on a server and backed up on a scheduled basis to avoid the chances of hardware failure. Along with that, these days cloud storage platforms come with picture viewers, editors, and easy sharing options. So, you can access them wherever you have the internet.

So, let’s quickly move and look at some of the best cloud storage options for your pictures and videos.


Plenty of free options are available in the market, but free always comes with restrictions and limitations. pCloud is the best among the free segments, though they offer a premium range of 2TB storage that starts at $350. I personally use pCloud for my documents and pictures which I bought for $250 during the pcloud black friday sale. You can have their free 10GB plan for evaluation purposes, but overall it is the best cloud storage service that I have used so far.

Pros: Crypto Encryption, Branded Sharing Page, Automatic Sync, One account for all devices.

Cons: Free plan offers 10GB storage only.

Price: $175 Onwards (Lifetime)

Google Photos

We all have used google photos, especially the android users. The basic plan which used to be free with unlimited pictures storage of good quality is now discontinued. You can only store pictures of up to 15 GB of your google account. This 15GB is distributed among Gmail, Drive, Photos, and other services. So, you can simply switch to the 1st plan that offers $100Gb storage for the entire Google Account for $2 only. Google Photos is the best image viewer and editor if we talk about cloud storage options. They have the best application in terms of storing pictures. If we talk about the memories feature of Google Photos, no other application can match that level.

Pros: Best app for photos, automatic sync, use across devices, memories reminder.

Cons: Free plan offers 15GB storage only.

Price: $2 Onwards (Monthly)

Amazon Photos

Once uploaded, your images and videos will be placed on a server inside the amazon data center. Your files are secured with the highest quality of security and encryption that offers a sense of satisfaction to its users. If you are using Amazon Prime Membership, you are already holding a subscription to the Amazon Cloud Storage service. Amazon photos have no restriction on the size and resolution of photos. Similar to Google and Apple, Amazon Photos also offers an image editing feature in their application.

Pros: Image Editing, Automatic Sync, Easy Access, Works across Devices.

Cons: Costly

Price: $119 Amazon Prime Subscription

For most people, using cloud storage in tandem with a physical device should be enough to safeguard their data. After all, it’s only Amazon Cloud Drive or Google Drive that offer this level of privacy protection for users on the go.

In some cases when accessing files online is not possible – such as during an emergency scenario like natural disasters and national emergencies – you may want access offline by placing one computer locally across multiple devices connected to internet connectivity at home. This can take time but could help protect your personal information over wireless networks while also giving mobile phone operators additional resources (be they roaming allowances) which might otherwise have been unavailable due 1g network connections. To prove its worth here are 5 different ways how websites work remotely.

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