4 Important Reasons to Equip Your Workers With PPE
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4 Important Reasons to Equip Your Workers With PPE

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A PPE (Personal Protective Equipment ) setup safeguards the worker from any potential hazards or physical harm posed by the workplace. It is essential because it serves as a way of worker protection in industries such as mining and manufacturing prone to occupational hazards.


Moreover, the safety equipment used on the site must comply with Personal Protective Equipment Regulation. This implies that the equipment should fit the user’s measurements and will perform best.

As a facility manager, you might be habitual to working in difficult situations; it is still important to not feel that your or the workers’ physical health could be at risk.


Here are four reasons PPE is important in the workplace.


1. Enhances Work Productivity


PPE can be best seen as a support system for the job. Although it may be physically more demanding and more dangerous than the average desk job, PPE is designed to minimize occupational hazards.


Weight belts, which provide stability for heavy lifting duties, can determine whether the workers have to go to work the next day with sore muscles. It is important to take preventative measures to avoid simple trip-and-fall injuries that can, at the very least, ruin someone’s day.


Moreover, you can teach workers to challenge the effectiveness of PPE provided and educate them about the requirements for equipment. OSHA and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention are there to help workers and prevent them from injuring themselves on the job.


2. Protection Against Fatal Diseases


With a PPE on, the workers’ bodies will be protected, and they will feel fine after their shift. Long-term effects of exposure to chemicals and compounds while on the job can be detrimental for the body. A great example is a mesothelioma. It is a rare cancer form, and many Americans are diagnosed with it every year, workers most of them.


These diagnoses resulted from asbestos fibers that were used in construction materials for many industries. Safety regulations currently require that asbestos workers wear PPE and change their clothes before leaving the office.


Workers should use the medical information and the resources we have today to protect their health and wellbeing.


3. Protects the Workers From Injury


Workers’ compensation lawyers deal with many workers who decide not to wear PPE, even though their employer-provided it. This can make the liability for workplace injuries or illnesses an even more gray area.


Although it may vary from one case to another, faithfully wearing all the PPE provided on the job will ensure that the employer is fully liable in the event of an injury or illness. So, even for jobs that take only a few seconds, you should always make sure that your workers wear PPE and are protected. 


It is possible to be found partly responsible for an injury or illness in your workplace due to a lack of PPE. You, as an employee, should know what equipment is needed for which tasks and how it is supposed to protect you. Make sure the supervisors are following this instruction. Give them clear orders to report to you about any worker who refuses to wear PPE. 


4. Protects the Eyes


Safety glasses are one of the most effective and common forms of PPE. No matter how corrosive or sharp, any substance can cause eye injury if it comes into contact with your eyes.


Each year, millions of eye injuries are reported in the United States. These include both work-related and leisure activities. About 50,000 of these victims suffered from severe vision impairments. The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) estimates that 90 percent of these eye injuries can be prevented with safe eyewear.


So, it is important to understand that different types of PPE eyewear are available for different situations, as 61 percent of all eye injuries occur in construction, manufacturing, or trade jobs. Do not be afraid to ask your workers to wear a PPE kit at all times during their work. 


Final Word

It is a no-brainer that PPE can protect your workers in several ways, including oil spills, and save your facility from legal hassles. In fact, oil spills are one of the common occupational hazards reported in various industries and Food production plants. Make sure you have suitable filter socks to help you curb such issues. 


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