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4 pros of playing poker online

Online poker has grown by leaps and strides ever since its advent, today it’s pretty normal to find a legal poker site in almost every major country, 20 years ago that was but a distant dream. Today a guy in his pyjamas in Mumbai can dominate the entire Asian poker scene and make millions of dollars every year, 10 years ago that would make for the punchline of some joke as it impossible to make that much money without going to Vegas and winning the big titles. Online poker player has been a boon to passionate poker players with small bankrolls and poker players deterred by barriers such as their nation having no poker circuit and their culture not approving of going to casinos and many other players who could or didn’t want to play live poker. Today we will discuss four pros of online poker to convince you to join us on the dark side, we have check-raises!

1. You can play from anywhere

Online poker sites are now up and running in countries across the globe. In India, barring a couple of conservative states, poker is legal in every other state. That removes a lot of barriers to entry that were present to people aspiring to play poker recreationally or as a professional as they need money for travel+staying expenses at live events, now all they need is an account on a poker room, a device and an internet connection, for the more introverted amongst us who enjoy playing poker but don’t have many poker friends, we can now just log in and play without having to talk to people, we can, but we can also can choose not to! Bottom line, the advent of online poker real money has made poker and rising through the stakes in poker just as accessible for a kid with dreams in Thailand as it for a grinder in USA and that has given us some of the most talented pros the circuit has seen like Alex Cheng, Rahul Byrraju and Aditya Aggarwal, to name a few.

2. You can play any stakes

Gone are the days when you either needed the funds to play the 10k buy-in local game or you didn’t and as a result you couldn’t put any volume. Online poker platforms quickly found out that there is a massive demand for low and micro stakes games and they delivered, capturing all of that player pool and keeping it satisfied for decades. You can find games as low as 0.01/0.02 online with ease and an active population of hundreds playing them, no dearth of action! All you need nowadays to rise up the stakes is a chip, determination and a dream and you could work your way to games with buy ins bigger than a middle-class family car. You just need to play poker out of your mind, have a strong mental game and keep learning, it’s not easy, nothing worth it is. But it is certainly doable.

3. You can play any format

No more do you have to sacrifice your edges in no-limit hold’em and pot limit Omaha because you need to play the mixed games or razz games at your local casino as nothing else is available, on online poker sites you can find your favorite formats with ease and ongoing action of hundreds of players who are also interested in the same games, whether it be an Open face Chinese poker tournament or a degenerate favorite PLO6 cash table. You can find it all at your convience and you don’t have to rely on casinos to integrate your favorite formats of the games or the formats you have the most expected value in to their schedule.

4. You can play at any time

There are no opening and closing hours online, you can find games running all day if you go through two or three of the big sites. If you like grinding in the day like a 9-5, you will find enough games to put your desired volume in, If you are a midnight owl grinding 1-6 AM, you will also find enough games to put your desired volume in. You don’t need to adhere to the schedule of any casino or poker room ,you can check all the available games and make your schedule based on the ones you want to play!

online poker while competitive is just as much a landmine of opportunities as it was 10 years ago, It removes a lot of barriers to entry traditional live poker has. Sure, you might have to work a bit harder to make your dreams come true, but if you want your place among the greats, I am here to tell you with passion and persistence, it’s possible. If you are looking for a guaranteed increase in winnings, make sure you get great rakeback and the best signup bonuses if you are a new player, you can check some out here at PokerLauncher


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