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Want to gift someone as a token of thanks? Want to gift someone for their Birthday? Flowers is the answer. Here are ideas of some beautiful flowers arrangements that you can gift the loved ones of your life.

  • Sister

Sisters are the best secret keepers and they need to be specially treated if it comes to gifts. They will love roses and lavenders and if you pack these bundles with a heart-warming card, they will love it more. It is the care and love which they expect to transcend from the gift. You can buy a basket and arranges these fresh flowers in her favourite colours. The basket brings about a warm and caring vibe and you have literally, the best gift that you can give her.

  • Best friend

However cheesy and melodramatic it may look but trust me, it is the best thing to give your friend. Nobody hates flowers. Everybody loves them. Try to know through hidden and indirect conversations your best friend’s favourite flowers. If they are sunflowers, you have possibly the best idea. Arrange the flowers in a wooden box and decorate it with fancy lights and ribbons. That is the most beautiful thing that you can ever give. She or he will love it. If you have to give a thank you note to the friend who really did a lot and supported you in your hard times, and in case she is settled abroad (like in Brazil) you can deliver thank you flowers to Brazil.

  • Parents

If you are planning to gift your parents a set of flowers, go for a Bouquet. Bouquet are formal gifts and they can be decorated and styled according to your wishes. You can also choose an array of different flowers and put it in a cluster in the bouquet. Bouquet gives you an option of decorating the flowers in any pattern you wish to. But a cluster of roses of all colours will suit the occasion well. After all, they are your parents who are precious of all and they deserved to be cared, loved and respected. You also habe an option of delivering them by online booking. If your parents are settled and living in Brazil you can send just because flowers to Brazil.

  • Colleagues

Any gift for your colleague is a great surprise as no one expects an informal gift from any formal and professional partners. They are important as you spend most of the time with them and they are the ones who calm you down and help you out with various theories of work. A bouquet of white lilies will be the best idea for you colleagues as white symbolises the colour of friendship and calmness and it is pretty obvious that they will love it.

  • Neighbours

Neighbours are the closest people to you. They are literally a few meters away when you need them. You can knock on their door in the middle of the night and they won’t deny to help you. Here you have to remember to have a small and a cute card written with a thank you note on it for all they have done for you. You can gift some flowers from you own garden. That would mean a lot to them. Otherwise, a container water garden is a good choice. These plants live longer and they also help to beat the summer.

Here, you have a bunch of beautiful floral arrangement workshop that you can gift some special people in your life. They are easy and won’t take a lot of time.

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