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Small Wedding Venues in Austin

Maybe you are one of the free spirits who don’t conform to traditional weddings and are looking for something simple, small, heartfelt, and intimate. 

No matter the reason, if you are looking for an event that stays true to the Austin way of life, which is quirky, weird, beautiful, and unique, then small wedding ceremonies are the way to go. Here are some of the best small wedding venues Austin with excellent amenities, views, and photographic potential.


Malverde, located above La Condesa, is a small wedding venue that has it all. From excellent Mexican food to gorgeous city views and a hip indoor and outdoor private event space, Malverde creates a casual atmosphere best suited for a small and intimate wedding party.

Malverde’s contemporary and modern design incorporates numerous natural elements, various plant life, and recycled materials. The cozy venue combines mild tones, bright colors, and a splash of greenery, transforming into cool backgrounds. You cannot stay away from these backgrounds while shooting your wedding photos.

Besides the beautiful aesthetics at the venue, you can also enjoy Mexican food, craft cocktails, artisanal beers, and wine selection created by La Condesa. With tempting food, spectacular scenery, and an intimate avenue, Malverde is one of the best small wedding venues in Austin. 

Justine’s Secret House

As the name suggests, this venue is that much of a secret in Austin. It takes a short walk from the Plaza Saltillo Metro Rail Station to reach the actual venue. From outside, all you will see is a verdant New Orleans-style garden adorned with shrubs and plants.

However, once you enter, you will be greeted by an opulent Victorian house with a spacious courtyard and backyard. The venue screams Victorian architecture, with the cozy velvet settee chairs, a wood bar, marble top, chandeliers, and a cute porch.

As it is smaller in size, it is the right venue for small weddings, and being an actual Victorian home, it also adds a sense of comfort and intimacy to the event. 

Woodbine Mansion

Woodbine mansion is a historic location that provides an authentic, timeless setting for small weddings in Austin. It is filled with lush greens, has immaculate grounds, garden trellis, gazebos, and the highlight of the location, “the grand pillared mansion.”

These elements make the Woodbine mansion one of the best venues for an intimate wedding ceremony and an apt setting for great wedding photographs. The ground offers different locations for stunning photos, and you can use the mansion as the central element. 

You can rent private rooms, private gardens, and spacious courtyards for outdoor celebrations for small wedding events. Located in downtown Round Rock, Woodbine Mansion is the white beauty that can turn your wedding into a surreal celebration.

Chapel Dulcinea

This free wedding chapel, located in South Austin, Texas, snugly perches on a cliff facing Austin’s Hill Country. The Spanish-style chapel is only twenty minutes from downtown Austin, and it is set up to provide the perfect small marriage ceremony for couples. 

The chapel uses gas lamps for lighting, giving you that romantic, warm, and soft aesthetic for your elopement and wedding. If you are a couple who loves Old World romance, away from the buzz of the city without emptying your pockets, Chapel Dulcinea is the right place to go to. 

Besides being a free chapel and one of the best small wedding venues in Austin, they are also a pet-friendly space. So it is time to suit up your doggo.

Sekrit Theatre

Another secret spot hidden away in Austin, Sekrit theatre, is a romantic, rustic and bohemian wedding venue best suited for intimate and small ceremonies. One of the main defining elements is the brick and glass conservatory located at the property. 

The conservatory is surrounded by foliage and trees, giving it a dreamy getaway look. If you are going for a wedding theme that revolves around magical gardens, fantastical creatures, and fairy tale elements, then Sekrit Theatre is a place you should look into. 

As the space is secluded, it gives an abandoned feel, making it a perfect setting for weddings and elopements. You will also get a chance to shoot some innovative and conceptual wedding photographs with the eclectic features available at the venue, like vintage cars, school buses, clawfoot bathtubs, and more. 

If you choose this venue, you will have a memorable wedding ceremony and special memories with unique wedding photographs. 

These are some of the best small wedding venues in Austin, Texas. With the options in hand, it is high time you choose the right venue, book a good photographer, and plan the rest of your Austin wedding.

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