5 Biggest Blunders That You Should Avoid in Fantasy Cricket

Cricket is so popular amongst most of the Indians and across the world. But just as the sport, which is so fondly played by many, people also like to play the fantasy cricket. 

It is an online based game that is for the most of the ardent cricket fans as it not only fun and exciting but also rewarding as one can win real money too. 

But just as we speak about how to go about playing Fantasy cricket online, people should be cautious and refrain from making mistakes whilst creating their perfect eleven. 

Always remember that mistakes are part and parcel of life, but you would not want to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. 

One of the cricket’s biggest attractions is the IPL or Indian Premier League and many fantasy gamers turn to the IPL Fantasy League as they look to rake in large winnings. 

But whilst playing IPL Fantasy League, one must keep in mind about various factors such as players, pitch conditions and teams. 

If that is not taken care of, your IPL Fantasy League team/s could in danger of losing out real cash reward. 

Here are some of the 5 biggest blunders you should avoid in fantasy cricket –

Read the fantasy point system well

Make sure that you have grasped the point system of the particular fantasy cricket tournament you are participating in. 

Knowing the points system are beneficial before creating your fantasy eleven as it could decide where you stand in the leaderboard. 

If you aren’t aware of them, such mistakes could prove costly in the longer run. Make sure you read on the points about catches taken, run outs, stumpings etc. 

If you do not, then it will cost you dearly in the fantasy cricket tournament.

Don’t get attracted because of money

Many users are lured towards playing fantasy cricket just for the sake of money. Basically, this is a wrong mindset! 

Always remember that money is part and parcel of winning fantasy cricket game but just don’t let affect you much. 

Enjoy fantasy cricket games for fun and entertainment. Think it as a cricket point of view rather than the lure of winning money. Use the game of fantasy cricket to build up your cricketing knowledge and skill set rather than just winning money.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Always remember that cricket fantasy online is mere a fantasy-based game and just for fun and excitement. 

It’s a virtual based game. Yes, money is on the line too but that doesn’t mean you can get overconfident and put all the cash on one particular team or player. 

Step outside the box and try to be versatile. Think before taking any step and perhaps you could use your investment various other players or teams. If you don’t end up winning this time around, well there’s always a next one waiting. 

Don’t select pedestrian players

Sometimes in the jest of the moment or creating hurriedly, you end up selecting a player you wished you never had selected. 

This could end up hurting your fantasy team and in turn you’re ranking on the leaderboard as well. So, it’s better to understand the teams and players well before creating your fantasy team. 

Avoid picking mediocre players that are not performing up to the scratch. Pick players that are on form and you could trust that can deliver the goods. Making such key decisions could make or break your fantasy teams.

Lack of knowledge about tournament or players

Your fantasy team could in for a beat down if you are not up to date on the tournament or players you are playing in. 

At times players do not read about the tourney or players and get overconfident about winning anything that comes their way. 

This mindset is wrong and could prove detrimental in winning big. A small mistake here and your whole fantasy dream could come crashing down. Thus, it is important to read about the players and tourneys before participating.


There’s always a key factor hidden behind making a proper fantasy cricket team and that includes research, know-how, and most importantly, the game of cricket itself. 

If you are unaware of all of them there’s bound be blunders and mistakes along the way. In order to avoid such mistakes going further, make sure you follow the pre-match report, players’ performances, pitches, weather etc. 

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