5 interesting facts about Poland

Poland as a European country is a beautiful destination to visit and an even better one to live in. It gives many opportunities to its fully-fledged citizens. They get a chance to live, work and study without any restrictions. Apart from that, they can also enjoy breathtaking views and try delicious food. However, the advantages of being Polish we just mentioned are not the only reasons to come to Poland. Before you plan a trip to Poland, get to know 5 interesting facts. Everything you should know, you will find below.

Warsaw was destroyed during World War II

Poland is considered a fantastic place to live in for a reason. Polish citizens get access to the job market or study at many public universities. They cannot complain about the living standard too! We have also observed that the percentage of foreigners deciding to move here is constantly increasing. They mostly choose Warsaw and we completely understand it. The capital of the Republic of Poland seems to be a perfect place when it comes to the opportunities it gives. We decided to mention it on purpose.

Do you know Warsaw was completely destroyed during World War II? As the Nazis crossed the border, it did not take long to feel the consequences of being bombed. As we are a strong nation that kept fighting till the end, our Polish ancestors decided to rebuild what was once destroyed.

Polish citizenship may be granted by naturalization

Wanna move to Poland? Make sure you get to know the fundamentals. As a fully-fledged citizen of Poland, you gain more advantages than you could ever think about. With a valid Polish passport (which is also considered one of the most valuable international travel documents), you can live, work or study freely wherever you would like within European countries.

Why do we mention it? After years of residing here as a foreigner, you gain an opportunity to apply for Polish citizenship both by recognition as a Polish citizen and by the granting of Polish citizenship by the President of the Republic of Poland. As a result you will get a Polish passport. The President of the Republic of Poland has the competence to decide which factors indicated in your application are sufficient enough for him to issue a positive decision. Find more about Polish citizenship by naturalization on Five to Europe – https://fivetoeurope.com

The Polish language is difficult to learn

The Polish language derives from the Slavic language group. If you had a chance to listen to the Poles speaking, you probably know it is not that easy to understand anything. Polish natives tend to speak quickly which is beyond the comprehension of people who decided to learn it. Polish is still considered one of the most difficult languages to learn due to the fact that there are many exceptions in Polish grammar. As long as your native language is Slavic one, it will not be a problem for you. 

Do not worry! Most Polish citizens speak English too.

Polish pierogi – you have to try the best Polish dish

Traditional Polish dishes are probably the best thing when it comes to Polish culture. Our great-grandmothers, grandmothers, and even mothers kept cultivating this tradition for many years. What do you call pierogi in English? In general, they are called Polish dumplings filled with delicious ingredients. Depending on the region, they are prepared in a different way.

Make sure you try Polish pierogi! Especially the ones with cottage cheese and boiled potatoes. They are served with glazed onion which makes them even greater. If you do not like the combination, you can also try dumplings with blueberry or cabbage and mushrooms.

Baltic Sea or Tatra Mountains? What will you choose?

Poland is undoubtedly famous for its beautiful nature. Whether you are a huge fan of mountain trips or sunbathing on the beach surrounded by the sound of the waves, you will find a great attraction that matches your expectations. There are many fantastic destinations such as Łeba or Bieszczady. We leave the decision up to you!

There is nothing better than relaxing far away from hustle and bustle. So, if you are looking for a sign to visit Poland, here it is!

We know that Poland is not an obvious tourist destination, but we are also pretty sure it will change soon!

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