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trekking in Kashmir,

The mountain setting in Jammu & Kashmir makes this region perfect for trekking and hiking activities. The mountains in J&K territory can broadly be classified into Alpine and Himalayan. The major mountain zones include Kashmir, Ladakh, Kishtwar, and Zanskar. Reaching the peak of a mountain summit is a feeling of sheer joy and thrill.

At the time of mountaineering activities, one can detect the rich flora and fauna of J&K. In this region, some of the peaks are so high that a glimpse of neighboring countries can also be detected. Furthermore, the exhilarating experience of completing a summit successfully is a memory to be cherished for a lifetime. In this article, we have covered the top 5 mesmerizing peaks in Jammu & Kashmir for trekking in 2021. If you are planning to visit this paradise then you can consider adding our suggestion on beautiful mountain peaks in your Kashmir Packages.

Sickle Moon Peak:

Also known as Bharanzar Peak, the Sickle Moon Peak is located in the Kishtwar range. The best part about Sickle Moon is that this summit has the highest elevation in the given range. The experience of reaching the top of the summit is literally rewarding. The Kishtwar range is a part of the eastern Himalayan range. The diversity in flora and fauna can be detected in this Himalayan region. While trekking at this summit, you can also get to see some other nearby peaks. Nearest to the Sickle Moon lies Brammah Massif Mountain. Some other nearby peaks to Sickle Moon are Brahma I, Flat Top, Brahma II, and Arjuna peak. To climb Sickle Moon peak, first, you need to reach Kishtwar town. This town is about 145 kilometers away, by road, from Srinagar. From here to reach the base of the summit you need to cover an additional distance of 50 kilometers via an alpine track.

  •       Elevation: 6,574 m (21,568 ft)
  •       Location: Kishtwar, ‎Jammu and Kashmir
  •       Parent mountain range: Himalayas


Huge elevation of this mountain peak makes it a notable peak in Jammu and Kashmir region. Brammah-I along with other peaks Brammah II, Flat Top and Arjuna is located at the Brammah mountain massif. The terrain of Brammah-I is very dramatic which makes your mountaineering experience unusual and full of adrenaline rush. For the first time in 1973, two British mountaineers climbed the summit peak from the Southeast Ridge. Brammah-I peak is not the highest peak in the region but it is the most elegant among others. If you are planning to take up this summit then the easiest route would be from the Southeast Ridge. Every year, many mountaineers come to climb this peak and the experience they share is one of its kind.

  •       Total Elevation: 6,416 m (21,050 ft)
  •       Location: Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, India
  •       Parent mountain range: Kishtwar Himalayas

Crooked Finger:

Another important peak that is appreciated by mountaineers is the Crooked Finger peak. The name of this mountain peak, Crooked Finger, comes from its unusual structure and design. Snow-covered mountains surrounding your way make you feel like you are in heaven. Crooked Finger mountain peak lies in the Marwah region. This beautiful region is again part of the Kishtwar mountain range. This area is also known as the “Land of Sapphire and Saffron” and is very famous for its diverse wildlife. This peak is also covered in the Kishtwar National Park of Jammu and Kashmir. In terms of elevation Crooked Finger is at the number 35 out of the total of 596 peaks in the Jammu and Kashmir region. For a unique experience of trekking in Kashmir, you can consider this peak as your option.

  •       Total Elevation: 5,630 m (18,471 ft)
  •       Location: Marwah, Jammu and Kashmir, India
  •       Parent mountain range: Kishtwar Himalayas


This mountain in Jammu and Kashmir is located in the Atholi, Paddar. There are approximately 45 named mountains in the Atholi region and the one with the highest peak is named Hagshu. The Arjuna mountain climb is not easy but at the same time, full of adventures. Loose rock and snow ramps on the way to the summit are something to be aware of. By elevation, Arjuna mountain peak is at number 10 out of the total 596 in Jammu and Kashmir. In the Atholi region, the peak stands at 6th position out of the total 45. If we cover a larger area then the Arjuna peak is part of the Kishtwar region of the Himalayas. Fully covered in snow, the island parent of Arjuna peak is Brammah II. For a bold trekking experience, the Arjuna summit could be a great option.

  •       Elevation: 6,237 m (20,463 ft)
  •       Location:  Atholi, Paddar, Jammu and Kashmir, India
  •       Parent mountain range: Kishtwar Himalayas

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