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5 Must Have Jewellery for Every Woman

If you are a woman who yearns for having an amazing collection of the best pieces of jewellery, you have arrived at the right place. Not everyone purchases and keeps unique articles, though it is common for ladies to love jewels. However, some of them are picky and look for alluring and must-have ornaments.

We believe that keeping less but worthy items is far better than buying several pieces which won’t serve your needs for long. In other words, you can say the quality is and must be preferable over quantity. So, here in this article, we have brought a list of 5 jewellery that every woman must own.

1. A Pendant on your neck

The simplest but a must-have article in your jewellery box is a pendant. The purpose of owning it might vary with every girl. Some get it as a sentimental gift, while some buy with interest. There is a misconception of a pendant and necklace being the same. Though we are talking about the use of a pendant on the neck, both are not the same, and you may use it elsewhere as it is just a small piece of jewellery that you can attach to your anklet, necklace, or bracelet. Try fixing a pendant on your chain and wear it with a deep neckline dress on any occasion. You will be surprised to have everyone’s eyes on it. You can also get an elegant appearance by pairing it with other neckpieces.

2. A Stacking Ring

Another trend in the world of ornaments is ring stacking. It basically means wearing multiple rings either on one finger or more than one. You can buy it to mark a memorable event, for example, a wedding or an anniversary. If you are purchasing this for an engagement or a wedding purpose, then try out Hatton gardens engagement rings, and you would surely love it.

3. A Diamond Bracelet

Diamonds, the most valuable of all the gemstones, are unbreakable and used in various ornaments like necklaces, earrings, nose rings, etc. However, we consider a diamond bracelet as something you should consider buying. Even if you choose a simple one, the item will stand out unique among others as people rarely think of having a bracelet made of diamond. Moreover, it will add allurement to whatever accessories it gets paired with.

4. Hoop Earrings

Hoop earring, circular in shape has a different meaning in different cultures. However, if you avoid the cultural importance, you will still find it a stylish piece that can effortlessly bring attention to your face making it prettier than before. You can opt for a single hoop or multiple that depends on your likings. What we find best is that it is light in weight and can go well with any outfit, be it casual or glamorous.

5. Pearls

Are you even going to question the beauty of pearls? The answer must be NO as pearl jewellery is a gem and an evergreen piece that any woman can own. Whichever type of jewellery it is a part of, be it a necklace, an earring, or a nose pin, it enhances the overall look. It goes with any color outfit and occasion, for instance, you can wear it on a wedding anniversary function, or you can try it with a black dress on a simple get together or a friend’s reunion. Furthermore, high quality or fine pearls are very durable and may even last for a lifetime.


We have compiled a list that consists of some trending as well as must-have ornaments and hope that you find it appreciable. If any of them caught your attention, you must consider buying a beautiful piece from the Jewellers in Hatton Garden.

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