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 5 Paint Ideas for Beautiful Kitchen Color is the magical thing that changes everything. Some of your favorite paint colors will update your kitchen. Picking paint colors or any other creativity can be a time-consuming and frustrating procedure when there are so many shades & ideas to browse. The good news is that are certain colors that work best in kitchens and will match up with your creativity. When it comes to kitchens, white, gray, blue, red, yellow, and truly sparkle. Each of these hues can do something different for the room, however they all help to make a warm and welcoming space. From stripes to checkered floors, there are numerous ways to update a kitchen with paint and create a room that you, your family and even guests will never want to leave. Coat your kitchen in a color you love with our favorite paint picks- Checkered Floor Looks Classy: Though it may not be your dream material, black and white tiles can be a very reasonable choice when you require new flooring in your kitchen. If you’re searching for an exciting flooring solution for your kitchen, hallway, playroom or virtually any other room then you should consider checkered tiles. Such tiles could work truly well as in classic as in modern interiors. The checkerboard pattern is a classical. It’s one of the most popular patterns, just like the stripes. It has been adapted in various different ways however there is one place where you’re always expecting to see it is the kitchen floor. It’s a trend that has never vanished, not even in modern homes. It’s just been adapted and adjusted but the essence continued as before. 5 Paint Ideas for Beautiful Kitchen   Stripes are Back: Stripes in the kitchen were viewed as a retro feature and the 90s avoided this idea for more dull beige and cream backdrops. Stripes are extremely popular now-a-days, and taking the time to add some to your kitchen walls will immediately make it look ultra-cool. They are not as simple as they appear and assuredly convey a whole lot of excitement to any room they adorn. Whether you love those thick even stripes that nearly look like innovative artwork or the classic vertical stripes that bring a feeling of drama and luxury when used right, there is no doubt that stripes are once again back in fashion. This is especially true in contemporary homes where neutral backdrops and unassuming decor often holds away.   5 Paint Ideas for Beautiful Kitchenn Creativity with Chalkboard Wall: Chalkboard walls moved toward trend in today interior design. This is extremely interesting way of decorating because you can do it yourself. You can draw anything you like on the wall. Consistently you can have distinctive fabulous designs. Chalkboard wall paint is special paint and is easy to apply. Chalkboard is used to renovate interior designs worldwide in a heartbeat, it takes minutes to apply yet its stunning aesthetic value will hold for years. Today, thankfully, you can add chalkboard on almost any surface furniture, walls, flooring, wine bottles and of course, mason jars. These new chalkboard surfaces can now be used to nestle your beautiful hand-written indications: reminders, to do lists, important recipes or simply decor. Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Spray Paint is the best green board or blackboard paint available in the market for these purposes! Creativity with Chalkboard Wall Stencil the Walls & Cabinets: Stencils are much cheaper than wallpaper, stencils can add attention to your walls, and there are numerous ways to utilize them in your kitchen. Stencils are also a simple and cost-effective way to create a beautiful backsplash. Much less permanent than tiles, you can easily paint over it when the time comes to switch things up. You can even dress up your kitchen cabinets with stencils. While a busy pattern might not work on a bunch of cabinets, you could stencil a pattern along the top of them or simply your bottom cabinets to add some visual interest without overpowering the room. You can even dress up your kitchen cabinets with stencils. When you’re ready for a new pattern, simply paint over the one you have and start again!  Color-Blocking is a Massive Trend Color-Blocking is a Massive Trend: Color-block is a massive trend that has taken over kitchen design. This kind of technique is popular in both the fashion industry and in home design even though it’s taken some time to hit the interior and natural stone industries. It’s an incredible way to dress up a monochromatic or a neutral theme by incorporating some of your personality. It’s your kitchen; you should convey yourself however you need. A great way to experiment with color is to paint your cabinet doors and drawers in different colors. Utilize bright colors such as royal blue, orange, cherry red, hot pink, and white. This DIY kitchen design project can give you a whole new kitchen in only a couple of short days. It’s pretty simple to do with just a few buckets of paint. ]]>

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