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If you are frequent swimmer or anyone in your family swims regularly then you must have heard some of the most weird and unbelievable myths regarding swimming pools. Most of them don’t even make sense but people still believe them without any particle reason or evidence.

Well due to some of the most popular swimming pool myths most people avoid going to the local swimming pools in the area. If you are one of those individuals then you need to understand that they are only myths and there myths are never true. But still in order to provide you with the peace of mind we are going to debunk some of the most popular swimming myths that you might have heard from people.

1.      Need to wait one hour after eating

Every time you were about to hit the pool with your animal pool floats, your parents or grandparents in most cases might have told you to wait an hour before you rush to the swimming pool after eating. According to them you may experience stomach cramps if you swimming immediately after swimming which can lead to drowning.

Well it is just a myth. There is no way that this idea is supported by any scientific claims. Yes, swimming and an exercise and when you exercise your body push the blood to the limbs and away from your digestive system so your food may be left half-digested but that is all.

2.      Chlorine indicates a clean swimming pool

People believe that a pool with a strong smell of chlorine is likely to me cleaner than a pool with a little odor. But that is so not true. A pool with a strong smell of chlorine suggests that there are more contaminants in the pool and they are residing there. It also suggests that there is a larger concentration of urine so such pools put you at risk of getting infections. Light chlorine odors in pools suggest that they are much more sanitized and less infected.

3.      You don’t have to shower before swimming

It is not necessary for one to shower before hitting the pool but if you do then you will be doing others a favor. No matter whether you showered last night or in the morning, your body sweats and has natural oils excreting which are stick to your skin so showering before entering the pool would get rid of all of them so that you don’t contaminate the water.

4.      You can see urine in the pool

No chemical is able to differentiate between urine and water in the pool. A dark colored urine can be easily see in the pool and almost every local pool that you visit in your area has traces of urine in it because one out of 50 people urinate in pool believing that no one will be able to see it. Well people can if it is dark yellow so avoid doing that please. Plus it would be better if you immediately hit the showers after taking a swim just to rinse yourself of all the unhygienic stuff.

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