5 Reasons Why a Good Aviator Should Consider Being a Flight Instructor
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5 Reasons Why a Good Aviator Should Consider Being a Flight Instructor

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If you’ve passed the private flying course with flying colors but don’t have enough flight hours in your logbook to qualify for your next professional step as a commercial pilot, there’s no reason to be disheartened. Every pilot with valid documentation has the potential to be an instructor and increase his flight hours. The extra flight hours attained during instructing a student can add to your experience, which most top commercial airlines require. Keep reading to find out why you should consider being a torchbearer or a flight instructor.

1. Huge demand

There has been an urgent requirement of pilots and instructors in the aviation industry after the pandemic. This has opened up avenues for new pilots who have cleared all tests but are waiting to have enough experience to make a professional jump. Big airlines will increase their recruitment of pilots to meet the growing demands. That, in turn, will require more qualified flight instructors to train the new pilots.

2. More experience

With more hours in the sky, the instructors get to polish their skills and share their experiences with students. Teaching the students flight maneuvers and using updated gadgets and airplanes, they revise their skills in the process. This way, you also know about the latest and best aircraft and get to work with them.

3. Great respect

How can you forget the famous lines “O Captain! My Captain!” from the 1989 movie Dead Poets Society and the respected, progressive English Teacher? When the children in the movie went through a positive transformation, it was a matter of pride for the teacher. Something similar can be your experience too. When a flight instructor goes for practice with his students, it also allows him to revise and master his flying skills. Teaching inspires you to stay updated with the changes in the industry and pass on the skills and knowledge to your students. Your students will look forward to the flying lessons, and you can enjoy them too.

4. Good money

You get paid per session for the time you spend with a student and get to do the thing that you love – fly! You may not have completed the commercial pilot flying hours, yet but if you take up instructing seriously, you’re not too far away from your goal. Also, you remain employed all the time. You may not have your dream job, but you do get to enter your flight instructor experience in the resume.

5. Training course for perfection

Once you get your commercial pilot certificate, you might have to wait to fulfill the required number of flying hours. You might as well use that time to your benefit by instructing a student. But first, you need to become a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI). To clear that, you can take a flight instructor course. During training, you’ll get to learn about the fundamentals of instruction to teach a student. You learn how to respond to a student’s concerns or reactions during flight. You’re also trained to predict and understand some dangers during flight and how to overcome them. Some senior instructors share their experience and knowledge with flying. You can use some of the anecdotes to humor your student when facing a crisis. You also learn how to employ some real-world situations to educate your students.


The job of a flight instructor is rewarding and gives you the opportunity to practice your flying skills to perfection. We hope the above five reasons can inspire you to consider the role of a flight instructor.

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