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If you want to save your property and protect your employees from fire, you will need to create a pre-fire plan that is easy to execute. Here are 5 easy steps that you can follow to create such a plan:

Step #1: Gather details

Accumulating data about the property is the first thing you need to do, if you want to create a basic pre-fire plan. Make note of any unoccupied floors, hydrant availability, heating and cooling systems, alarm systems and other fire protection systems, and hazardous materials or machinery stored in the premises. If you have rented out your property, make sure you know who the tenants are, what are their hours of business, how many employees they have, and if there are any employees who have specific rescue needs.

Step #2: Document and publish this information

Whatever information you may have collected about your property and its tenants needs to be documented and published in an easy-to-understand format. Include maps, drawings, diagrams, blueprints, floor plans, and aerial photographs that may reflect the construction and configuration of the building. Once published, make sure it can be accessed by everyone who would need this information.

Step #3: Get your local fire department to visit your building

You can invite the guys at your local fire department to pay a visit to your building and get details about your building. Arrange for inspections and walk-throughs every once in a while so that the current fire officers are familiar with the layout of your building.

Step #4: Regularly conduct and practice fire drills

Avoiding fire is not always possible. However, if you are prepared and know what steps you need to take, you can minimize the damage that a fire can cause to your property and your employees. Make sure you train your employees about effective exit strategies they can follow, in case there is a fire. Conduct regular drills to make evacuation as easy and convenient as possible. Once evacuated, determine a location where the employees should meet so that you can take a head count.

Step #5:Assign tasks and responsibilities to the right people

Everyone in your building should be aware of your pre-fire plan at all times. However, if you can’t ensure this, you can always appoint a couple of fire wardens for your building and train them to evacuate the occupants in case there is a fire. Make sure at least a few of these individuals are always there in the building, at all times. Assign them the task of notifying the fire department in case of an emergency.

The best way to deal with a fire emergency is to install a fire protection system. You can details about abdl anlæg or any other good fire alarm system that is locally available. These systems automatically notify the fire authorities in case of fire emergencies and keep you free from worries. Make sure you monitor and maintain the system regularly so that there are no breakdowns during fire mishaps.

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