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In an ideal world, mineral based sunscreen for face that’s been developed in a laboratory will work exactly as planned every time it’s used. After all, it’s been tested and tested again, according to the rigid guidelines that the FDA sets down. That said, life has a nasty habit of getting in the way. 

People are supposed to put it on every day, for example, but do they? Not always, as most tend to wait until they notice a red tinge to their skin. Sadly, by this point, much of the damage has already been done and you risk permanent damage to your skin’s DNA.

What we mean is that official guidelines are often not followed, meaning that people don’t get the most out of their mineral based sunscreen for face. So, for all those people out there who need a refresher on how to use sunscreen, here are 5 tips on how to do it properly. 

Tip #1 – Put It On BEFORE You Go Out 

Our first tip is to apply your sunscreen before going out in the sunshine. Even though mineral sunscreen is something that works from the moment it’s applied, it still needs to be put on when inside or in the shade. Should you be distracted or simply forget, it could be ½ an hour before you end up putting it on. 

Tip #2 – Keep Your Skin Moisturized 

Next, you should be sure that your skin is keep well hydrated. It’s a good rule for life in general and it has the added benefit of making sunscreen easier to apply. This means your application will go on more evenly and helps you avoid white casting that some mineral products can. 

Tip #3 – Apply It In the Right Way 

Some users of mineral based sunscreen for face try and use it in the same way they would a chemical sunscreen. Try it yourself and you’ll see that the consistency is very different. The correct way to apply it is to put small dime-sized spots around an inch or two apart and blend them together by rubbing the product in with your fingers. 

Tip #4 – Try Your Best Not to Rub it Off 

If you want your skin to be protected by sunscreen, it needs to remain in place i.e. not be rubbed off! IT doesn’t take much, in fact, crossing your legs is enough to leave you exposed. 

As time passes by, the sun will also degrade the application, making it easier to rub off, so be mindful of it and reapply should the need arise.

Tip #5 – If You Get Wet, Re-apply 

It’s not unusual to get wet when spending a day out in the sun – after all, it’s part and parcel of a visit to the beach! However, even if your mineral sunscreen says ‘water-resistant’ on the bottle, that ability only goes so far. You can easily burn as even being in the water won’t protect you.

Should you go for a dip in the pool, always reapply sunscreen. Fail to do so and again, you’re going to be exposed. 

Use Mineral Based Susncreen For Face Properly & Enjoy the Benefits

Your main takeaway from reading our blog should be that proper application of sunscreen is crucial for it working properly. Plus, water is not sunscreen’s friend – like rubbing of the skin.

Follow all of these tips and you’ll give your skin the best possible chance of remain healthy and undamaged. Forget to do all these things and you’re just not going to be as safeguarded as you think you are. 


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