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How to Fix an Optical Mouse Sensor? (Easy Steps To Follow)

Having an optimal mouse is an essential thing if you need to get some work done on your desktop or your laptop. Having a good mouse is important for being productive, gaming, or even randomly scrolling through articles or web pages. But, there are certain aspects you have to keep in mind if you are to buy a mouse.

  1. Fits your requirements

Look for a mouse that fits your needs. There are two main types of mice

  • Gaming mice
  • Mice for casual purposes

If you are a hardcore or professional gamer go for a gaming mouse, if not then you can select any basic mouse that fits your need.

  1. Amount of usage

Comfort should be the topmost priority. Mice generally have two shapes, one is the normal shaped ones that are mostly used everywhere in local shops and offices, whereas the others are the ergonomic mice. These are the mice that have well-defined shapes according to your hand so that it does not produce any strain in your hand and you can use it for long work sessions.

  1. Checking the DPI

DPI is the dots per inches, It shows the movement of the cursor on the screen when the mouse is moved. Higher DPI means that you will have to move the mouse less whereas lower DPI means you’ll have to move the mouse a lot physically to get around the display of your desktop.

DPI also plays a part in the screen resolution. For example, if you have a lower DPI mouse and a higher resolution display then you’ll have to move the mouse quite a lot. So, the choice is upon the user if he’ll like higher or lower DPI.

  1. Wired or wireless

This depends upon the user if he wants wired or a wireless mouse. Earlier the wireless mice had a lag in their action when the button was pressed, this problem has been solved as the latency rate or response time on the wireless mice is now pretty much equal to wired mice. Similarly you can check the response time of your mouse through kohi click test which is available for free. 

Wireless mice are being preferred over wired mice now but there is a price difference between them both. Wireless mice are generally more expensive than the wired ones, so this highly depends upon the consumer’s budget.

5, Optical or laser mouse

They are the same technology. The main difference is the emitted light from the mouse sensor. An optical mouse uses LED light to reflect and helps the cursor in movement whereas in the laser mouse same thing is done by a laser light instead of an LED.

Laser mice due to the laser can work on many surfaces which results in more precision but its downside is that sometimes it can move with more speed than wanted. The optical mice are restricted to certain flat surfaces but are more steady and reliable and are mostly preferred by gamers.

Keeping in view all the points a mouse that is optimal for your work can be purchased. There are thousands of options for gamers, editors and general mouse users throughout the market and keeping in view the points the best mouse can be bought  

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