5 Tips on How to Rock Chunky Jewelry

Chunky jewelry treads on the fine line between the elegant and tacky and between awestruck and absurd. Remember that when paired with the right clothing and attitude, even the biggest necklaces can look cool and effortless.

You can be wearing any outfit and just with the addition of the correct bold jewelry piece you can create a statement look for yourself.

But if worn in the wrong way it can also make the outfit look crowded and over-the-top. So if you want to wear the non-delicate ornaments without allowing it take a toll on your appearance and attire, read on.

  • Keep It Simple – The chunky pieces should be allowed to be outstanding. So refrain from getting them overcrowded by putting them on close to each other. It is wiser to wear just one time. But if you want to put on more than one piece, make sure that you wear the statement rings and bracelets at the same time and avoid chunky necklaces and earrings from being worn together. If done right, the layered chain necklace can look just perfect. You should retain the charm of the look by making sure that you do not layer the strands together. Also limit the amount of sparkle on the necklace.
  • Length of Necklaces Do Matter – The longer necklaces are the right choice for a majority of outfits. If you are wearing a plain coloured, long dress, a long necklace can be just the thing for you. In case you are short, a long necklace can get your entire dress covered. Under such circumstances you can consider shortening the necklace.
  • Wear Neutral Shades– You should not wear the chunky jewelry with the clothing pieces that are bold. If you are thinking of wearing something bold, you should always choose simple pieces of clothes. If you are putting up a colourful piece of jewelry like a beaded chain, you should match the clothing to that piece. Again, if your chunky jewelry is silver or gold, go for a neutral coloured outfit.
  • Keep in Mind the Neckline of Your Dress – The right neckline can make or break your look. For a chunky necklace, the off-shoulder, strapless, scoop-necked and v-necked tops and dresses are perfect as that way the chunky pieces will be highlighted.  The halter necks, collars and detailing that are close to the face must be avoided as that will have contradictory results with the chunky pieces. A turtle-shaded, mono-coloured sweater can work well with the statement necklace if it is one colour throughout and form-fitting.  In order to make the most of the necklace and keep the look elegant, you should pair the bold necklaces with one-coloured clothing pieces. Neutral tones are something that you can never go wrong with. Wear the attractive necklaces with the nude, black and white clothing.
  • Know Your Earrings – The chunky earrings are ornate, beautiful and unmissable. They will be the foremost thing that are noticed. That is why choose the earrings that go with the shape of your face and enhance your features. The incorrect pair can be diverting and so you must take the details such as colour, length, coordination of outfit and shape into account at the time of choosing your earrings. Keep the hair sleek when you are choosing the statement earrings. Afterall it is all about balance. While you can pump the volume with the simple earrings, the larger ones will be more balanced with the straight hair or loose waves. You can also pull up the hair into an elegant hairdo. Also try to use simple make-up with these kinds of junk ornaments.

Now that you know how to look best while wearing bold and big ornaments, explore the statement jewellery online and flaunt your style boldly whenever you step out of home.

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