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Every woman loves shopping, especially when it comes to clothing pieces and accessories. But, sometimes, it becomes challenging to pick a few pieces that present timeless fashion.

This is where the basic yet trendy clothing must-haves and fashion accessories work great even in the myriad of changes in the fashion world.

But before you splurge your money buying the latest trendy clothes and accessories, you may want to stick to some specific pieces that never go out of fashion and makes a statement.

Whether it is slim-fit black pants, versatile sneakers, hair accessories, or a layered necklace- all of them can be worn in any office setting as well as for night parties and events.

Here are five latest wardrobe essentials that can transform any ordinary look into an extraordinary one.   So, grab your favorite crisps and keep on scrolling: 

Black Pants

For women who are not comfortable in super skinny fit leggings can go for slim fit, comfortable black pants. Try materials like a mix of rayon, spandex, and polyester that literally works like magic.

These fabrics do not pill, but still have a good stretch to fit perfectly for every body type. A Black pant is a classic clothing piece that is available out there in every price point. This women’s clothing piece goes perfectly well in any office setting and gives a sleek appeal in night parties and events.

Layered Necklace

When it comes to styling accessories, it is very important to understand your own personal style first. There are so many options like stone, traditional jewels, heavy statement pieces, etc. But, if you want something minimalistic, go for dainty pieces, and what’s trending right now is the layered necklaces. It can instantly make a simple, basic look extremely trendy and stylish. You must have noticed a pattern of a coin, pendant, and zodiac necklaces worn by celebs to influencers on Instagram.

Layered necklace compliments every outfit and does not go over the top. The key to wear this is the chain length- make sure each individual chain is an inch apart to have an excellent tiered effect. You can wear it alone or wear more chains to achieve a dramatic look. 

A Pair of Versatile Sneakers

The old-school fashion statement where you save your shoes for casual Friday or for workouts is outdated. You can wear a pair of sneakers, no matter where you are heading. Be it- office, travel, casual day out, vacation, or anything else- you name it! You can choose any color and design of your choice, but if you are looking for something versatile, go for white sneakers. You can literally rock them on denim, jumpsuits, pleated skirts, trousers, and other outfits. They can take you anywhere, indeed.

Customized Hair Accessories

Keep your hair sleek, but expressive with personalized hairpins. These sparkling and intriguing hair accessories will turn heads as you walk by. You can choose to wear your name or spread women empowerment or identify yourself as a girl boss- the styling options are limitless.  This jewel keeps you looking sleek and stylish.

A sleek eye-wear

Who says only celebs can wear those pointy, cat-eye frames and look stunning in every picture? Get a pair of it and look perfectly edgy and polished. These vintage looking yet modern and sharp glasses are a gorgeous accessory to add in your closet. Choose a big one or a little bit smaller that compliments your face. Keep it classic with a solid black pair or spice the lookup with colored-frames. Sunglasses are always evolving, but these frames are timeless!

The trends in women’s clothing keep on changing. Yet, you will find a huge range to choose from. The best thing is that there is something available for everyone! So go ahead and be a fashion statement!


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