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No one can deny the revitalizing effect of good-quality sleep on health. You might find your old mattress comfortable, but is it firm enough to provide a quality slumber? 

Regardless of how quickly you fall asleep; there are many unsuspected things about your mattress that can affect health. Below are the five surprising effects of a mattress on your health that may encourage you to buy a new one-

Premium-Quality Mattresses Can Relieve Pains And Aches


Whenever you lie down on ultra-plush mattresses for a long time, it creates an unusual bend in the lower back. An unbalanced downward gravity and upward resistance of the mattress may form pressure points or misalign the body. As a result, you may feel sore, aches in the joints, back strain, and sleep deprivation. 

The remedy to these health effects is to change old, sagging mattresses as soon as possible. A good mattress provides firm support to your spinal curvature and ensures a healthy sleep posture. With excellent cradling, it distributes your weight evenly, improves blood circulation, and minimizes chronic pain. Consider visiting Southern California Mattress superstores if you are looking for bedding and accessories.

Worn-Out, Sagging Mattresses May Cause Allergies

After using it for a long time, a mattress becomes a breeding ground for microorganisms that contribute to allergies. You can imagine hundreds of mites lodged inside the foam, eating your dead skin cells and body oil. 

Moreover, your bedding may harbor strains of fungus and mold that trigger breathing problems. Also, dust mites are one of the causes of asthma, nasal congestion, or runny nose. They may also cause pimples, skin dryness, rashes, etc. 

Getting a fresh, germ-resistant, and eco-friendly latex mattress can help you avoid allergy risks. After buying, make sure to clean the mattress often, and use protectors to block the dust. if your shoulder pain from sleeping then you must buy a side sleeper mattress, side sleeper mattresses best for shoulder pain

Creaking Beds Trigger Chronic Pain And Insomnia


If the springs of your mattress aren’t working properly, it produces creaking noise. Such springs disabled mattresses provide inadequate support to the neck, back that may lead to serious health issues. Since the coils are unable to support your body weight, they misalign the spinal joints. 

Further, people with chronic pain complain of Insomnia and fatigue. Also, the weird creaking sound causes discomfort makes you toss and turn several times. 

This vicious sleep cycle makes you feel tired and devoid of energy. So, it is high time to get your good night sleep reclaimed by buying a new supportive mattress. 

A Good Mattress Regulates The Body Temperature

Another surprising highlight of a good mattress is Outlast fabric that absorbs and releases excess heat. It incorporates phase-change materials to control humidity between the skin and the mattress pads. 

It provides optimal thermal comfort, thus regulates the body temperature. In this way, it creates a thermostat that ensures an undisturbed sleep in whatever climate you are. So, it helps you to stay away from sleep interruptions like hot flashes, night sweats, etc.

The Right Mattresses Can Improve Overall Life Quality

A quality mattress provides much more than improving your snooze! It helps to improve productivity, performance, memory, and thus elevates your overall quality of life quality. It keeps sleep deprivation at bay, improving your circadian rhythm, metabolism, immune system, etc. Your mood gets improved, and you wake up with zeal, enthusiasm. 


If you are experiencing any of the warning signs such as insomnia, stress, allergies, etc. it might be due to your old mattress. Besides, it may be the biggest obstacle to getting quality sleep. So, it is high time to invest in your health and sleep by buying a good-quality mattress!



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