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The first impulse in the coming summer months will be to crank up the air-conditioner as the sun is unbearable. However, air conditioners usually have high prices that are not feasible for everyone.

Along with that, they also bring huge electricity bills. A cooling fan thus becomes an affordable option, which also works well during summers. There are numerous categories of fans available in the market that serves different purposes like table fan, ceiling fan, and ventilation fans.

Fans from reputable companies like Luminous provide optimum cooling efficiency during the summer season.

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Different varieties of fans serve different purposes based on their functions. Let us look at following types of fans for your home to stay cool this summer:

  1. Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are the most widely used fans for keeping the temperatures low during summers. They come in several design options, colours and finishes to compliment your home décor. Ceiling fans in India are available in multiple sweep sizes ranging from 600mm(24’’) to 1400mm(56’’). Whereas the 600mm(24’’) ceiling fan is suitable for small shops, cabins and washrooms, for Bedrooms and other rooms of 100 to 150 square feet ceiling fans of 1050mm(42’’) and 1200mm(48’’) sweep size are more suitable.


  1. Table Fan

A table fan is a perfect cooling device for a small space. They are easily portable and can be placed anywhere according to your convenience. The high airflow of a table fan is beneficial for compact spaces or small groups of people. It also has multi-directional motorized oscillation, which makes it a very efficient secondary cooling device

  1. Pedestal Fan

These fans have different oscillation features that offer maximum air distribution for a medium-sized room. Since the height of a pedestal fan is adjustable, you can use them anywhere as per your convenience. They are portable and best suited for bedrooms, living rooms and balconies

  1. Wall Fan

These fans are ideal for places where either the headroom or the floor space is limited. Wall fans are often used for saving space and are widely adopted in workshops and restaurants than homes. Since they have powerful airflow, wall fans can be used in low ceiling areas of a home or any space of the house having limited carpet area.

  1. Ventilation Fans

They are generally used in bathrooms and kitchens to remove moist or foul air. As these are the areas where moisture or smoke tends to collect, ventilation fans help remove such air out through the window, where it is installed.

Install A Fan for Better Home Cooling and Ventilation

A fan not only helps during summers to keep the house cool, but it also helps throughout the year for serving various purposes like the removal of foul gases.

A fan helps during summers to keep the house cool. Every household requires a different type of fans like table fan, ceiling fan, and ventilation fan as these are essential for a comfortable and healthy living. You can choose the right fan based on the purpose it will serve or as per your requirements. For instance, a table fan is portable and can easily be used in the entire house by one or two people.

Luminous offers a wide range of fans like designer ceiling fans, table fans, ventilation and more in various price ranges to match your décor and cooling needs. You can explore the complete range online and buy the most suitable for your home needs.

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