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The tooth decay is a hole or a cavity that appears in the teeth. It is created by the natural bacteria that live in the mouth. Naturally, the actual cause of cavity is actually the acid produced by the bacteria.

This natural acid build-up slowly dissolves the protective layer of the teeth and continues to eat into the underlying structure that is much less resistant. If you leave tooth decay untreated it can cause infection, a lot of pain and the tooth may even need to be removed eventually.

The process of decaying is caused by the bacterial acid which is not generally noticeable initially. But it will steadily progress to the deeper layers of the teeth and eventually attack the pulp that contains the highly sensitive blood vessels and nerves leading to pulp infection.

Here are some of the major causes of deep decay and pulp infection. Just have a look.

  • Poor Oral Hygiene Practice -The poor oral hygiene not only includes not brushing the teeth on a regular basis but also not flossing or brushing the tongue and not using any kind of mouthwash for swishing the mouth. You should try to brush your teeth after every meal for best results apart from brushing the teeth twice day for at least two minutes. The improper oral hygiene will ultimately lead to tooth decay and pulp infection.
  • Deep Tooth Crevices and Weak Enamel – When a person has issues like the presence of deep crevices on the teeth enamel, it presents the perfect environment for plaque and bacteria to thrive that leads to pulp infection eventually. The dental sealants are only used for the teeth that are free of decay. Once the tooth decay starts to develop other treatment is required.
  • Dry Mouth Issues – Saliva in the mouth inhibits the growth of plaque. People who have dry mouth have the saliva production reduced or missing and are more prone to suffer from tooth decay. Dry mouth is genetically inherited which is a symptom caused my medication. The dentists recognize the dry mouth issues and offer advice on how best to treat it.
  • Improper Nutrition with Sugary and Acidic Foods and Drinks – Avoiding the foods that are high in carbohydrates and sugar and high in acid happens to be the best way to avoid the tooth decay due to the improper nutrition. The sugary foods are the best buddies of the bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria in the mouth literally feeds off the sugar foods and your teeth get quoted with the damaging acids and this happens in a matter of seconds over the course of one meal. That is why brushing after every meal is recommended. In case of the acidic foods, soda is the first thing that comes to the mind, but acid is present in many common foods. Even the foods like bread and fish can contain acids. Of course, the carbonated drinks like the fruit juice and the soda contain the maximum amount of acids leading to tooth decay. Unlike the method in which the bacteria start eating off the sugary foods and drinks resulting in the teeth getting coated with acid, the acidic foods and drinks start to damage the enamel right away with their own acid. Therefore, eating healthy and avoiding the sugary and acidic foods and drinks are must to retain your oral health.
  • Grinding of Teeth – There are many people who grind their teeth when they are stressed. The grinding can strip away the outer layer of the enamel that creates the weakness that is simpler for the acid to exploit. A shield or bite guard is the best thing that can prevent teeth grinding together while sleeping or if you are stressed.
  • Age – The cavities get more common as you get older. The reasons for this are prescription medications creating a plethora of conditions like the dry mouth conditions. Apart from that, the accumulation of the poor oral hygiene over the years and shrinkage of gums also play a vital role in this case.

The dentists recommend sticking to regular oral hygiene routine and visiting the dentist’s office at least twice a year for a thorough check-up and opting for the required treatments like professional tooth cleaning or root canal treatment in Delhi so that you can avoid the deep

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