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If you are living in a housing market where space is super expensive, a tiny home is the best solution. When it comes to a house of this size, there are two options available to you including big tiny houses on wheels or tiny houses on foundation. When housing costs are unstable, a lot of people think about downsizing and going tiny. This is the reason why the demand and popularity of the downsized houses is growing.

Retirees and young students going to college often look for big tiny houses on wheels, park models, and Accessory Dwelling Units. This not only allows them to save money on housing but also encourage them to adopt a more minimalist approach. Limited space, budget, carbon footprint of large houses or whatever your reason is for considering a tiny house, we bring you six things you have to consider before making a choice.

On wheels or foundation 

Depending on where you are living, a tiny house may or may not be legal. It is crucial to have a parking space. There are several options available to you when it comes to parking space including :

  • Campgrounds 
  • RV camp includes
  • State or national parks 

You can find many other mobile home friendly locales. If you are looking for adventure, peace and solace, a tiny house community or agricultural land can be best for you. If it is on wheels, your focus should be on finding a safe and legal place to park. If you have space, even if it is limited and ADUs are legal, you can go for a stationery tiny house.


The following are the important aspects to be considered when it comes to designing a safe big tiny house on wheels

  • Length of the tiny house 
  • Weight distribution
  • Number of axles required to pull that weight
  • Material
  • Appliances

In addition to the weight of the tiny house, you have to consider the weight of appliances and all other additions to the space. Build it on a foundation if you want to use residential-sized appliances, more sleeping space and slightly larger floor plans. Invest in a stationary tiny house. 


For many people, tiny house is a house under 400 sq ft. A lot of people assume that 100 sq. ft. living space is enough for one person. You have to determine the number of square feet you need. Don’t forget considering pets and visitors. For a tiny house on wheels, a 20 to 26 foot trailer is enough. Consider an ADU if you want a larger House. 

Towing Capability

For a wheeled tiny house, you need to have a truck powerful enough to pull the weight of your tiny house. Also, consider the comfort and safety inside your tiny house on wheels as things might get damaged in transport. When it comes to towing capability, you also have to consider time for travel, additional fuel expenses and maneuverability of the house. If you don’t want to deal with any of these, choose an on foundation tiny house. 


When it comes to good towing, a recreational vehicle or home, there are strict regulations and guidelines in place. Your house on wheels should not exceed certain feet of height and width. So, better build your tiny house on foundation. You can also go for a park model and get it towed by professionals.


If you can work remotely or you have flexible employment or retirement, you can choose this life on the road. Determine the flexibility and time you must have for this type of lifestyle. It is an incredible lifestyle, but it is not for all. You need to have money to address road trip emergencies such as a blown tire.

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