6 Tips for Getting Over Your Ex

Break-ups are never exactly a good time, but they can be especially hard when you’re not the one who ultimately made the call to end things. It can be absolutely devastating to find out someone you felt invested in apparently didn’t feel the same way about you, even if you realize on some level that it was probably for the best.

It can be even harder to get over an ex when a break-up completely blindsided you. Your dignity can be pretty bruised, not to mention your heart. But it’s not impossible to do. You just need a little determination and the realization that you don’t need him after all.

  1. Make a clean break.

Resist the urge to hold onto his number, keep him on your social media lists, or hold onto that old t-shirt of his because it’s so comfortable to sleep in. That’s just asking for trouble, as it keeps him on your mind and encourages you to hold onto the hope that you’ll get back together at some point.  It also leaves you open to spying on his life or trying to contact him in a moment of weakness.

It’s much better to make a clean break as soon as possible. You’re not going to need him for anything, and there will never be a good reason to get back in touch. You guys are over, so it’s best to accept that sooner rather than later.

  1. Lean on your friends.

Although it can be tempting to curl up in a ball and isolate yourself from your loved ones when you’re dealing with a breakup, it’s essential to resist the urge. Spending too much time alone with your feelings can make the whole situation seem even worse than it is. 

Instead, vent to your loved ones so they can remind you that you deserve better. Let your friends take you out and show you a good time. There’s nothing like spending lots of quality time with other people you love to remind you there’s always been more to your life than your previous relationship. 

  1. Keep yourself busy.

When relationships end, they leave vacuums behind – vacuums that are best filled with something else as soon as possible. That’s where making sure you stay busy can really help, especially when you’ve got downtime you’ll be spending on your own.

That said, this is definitely the time to sign up for that yoga class you’ve been meaning to take or start writing that memoir you’ve been talking about for years. Or, if you’re the workhorse type, go ahead and take on that extra office project your boss thinks is perfect for you. 

  1. Do all the things your ex hated.

Even though people know they shouldn’t, everyone tends to lose themselves a little when they’re in a relationship. If their ex isn’t into something they really love, they subconsciously stop entertaining that interest as often. They decide not to get that short haircut they’ve wanted because their significant other prefers their hair long. Before they know it, they’ve lost a little bit of who they are as an individual.

That’s why nothing’s more life-affirming after a break-up than deliberately catching up on all that fun you missed out on. When you remember how wonderful it feels to have the freedom to do things you love and act on the occasional whim without worrying about how someone else feels about it, you’ll see that you really are better off.

  1. Go ahead and get your flirt on.

Although it might take some time for you to start feeling enough like yourself again to want to get back to dating, you might be surprised. Remember, not every encounter has to be about building forever with someone. Sometimes it’s just fun to play the field or find a sugar daddy and see what else is out there. If your ex didn’t treat you right, maybe it’s time to find a guy who will spoil you rotten.

So go out, paint the town red, and get your flirt on. Get yourself a sugar daddy who’ll pamper and spoil you instead of expecting you to do everything for both of you the way your ex did. Spend some time with someone simply because they seem like fun. Your confidence will come back like gangbusters and make getting over your ex that much easier.

  1. Spoil yourself a little (or a lot).

One thing you’ll likely realize sooner or later after a breakup is that you’re better off without your ex than you ever would have thought. You’ll start realizing just how much of yourself you gave up in a vain attempt to keep them happy, and you’ll likely start feeling the urge to do something about that.

Go ahead and lean into it. Be good to yourself. Spoil yourself a little and treat yourself to some nice things or fantastic experiences. Spend some time at the gym or the salon. Go ahead and take that extra-long bubble bath after work, glass of wine and all. You deserve it. You’ve always deserved it.

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