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Aviator Jackets are generally hard to overlook due to their timelessness, versatility, and stylishness. These Men’s Leather Jacket with Hood is the perfect choice of outerwear for the transitional weather, winter, and autumn due to the warmth and comfort it provides. It has the ability to not only elevate your look but your personality as well. 

Men’s Leather Jackets have been a wardrobe essential for a long time having multiple styles and designs ranging from bombers to bikers. But if you’re searching for outerwear that is practical as well as fashionable and will make you stand out in a crowd these aviator jackets are a perfect choice. 

In this article, we will be giving you a brief overview of Aviator Jackets, their types, and some unique ways you can incorporate them into your outfit. So without further ado, let’s get started!

What is an Aviator Jacket?

Like many other jackets, aviator jackets also have a military heritage. They were first introduced by the US Army for military pilots in 1917. However, they quickly became a part of pop culture because of their stylish embellishment and comfort. 

A common way to identify aviator jackets is through the raised fur collar. Apart from that, its tightened cuffs and closed waistband are some of its valuable features. Aviator jackets are perhaps the most preferred choice of outerwear in winter for both men and women alike due to them being lined with shearling and oftentimes faux fur.

Types of Aviator Jackets

Before going straight to the style guide, having knowledge of the various types of aviator jackets will help you in choosing the most suitable jacket. There are three types of aviator jackets. The fundamental component that distinguishes them from one another is the fabric used to manufacture them.

Leather Aviator Jacket

Leather aviators are the most standard form of jacket that you can buy. The most popular color choices for this jacket are brown and black. Real sheepskin and goatskin are used to manufacture these jackets for softness and easy breathability.

Suede Aviator Jacket

Another fabric that you can get an aviator jacket in is Suede. Suede is a type of leather with a fuzzy finish. These jackets are immensely popular due to their luxurious, smooth, and versatile features. One important thing to keep in mind about suede aviators is that they might not be the perfect choice of outerwear on a rainy day, however, if you need a jacket for a chilly and breezy day then this jacket is perfect. 

Nylon Aviator Jacket

Last but definitely not the least, we have the Nylon Aviator Jacket. These jackets are available in many colors, however, green is the most popular choice. Made with nylon, these jackets are affordable as well as lightweight. 

How to Wear Your Aviator Jacket?

Due to its versatility and stylishness, styling an aviator jacket isn’t a hard task. The options are limitless when it comes to incorporating these jackets into your daily outfit. We have curated a list of 6 ways you can show off your aviator jacket. Let’s get styling!

Aviators and Button-ups

For a more smart casual look, pair your aviator jackets with a button-up. This duo will not only elevate your appearance but will also give you a clean look. It is an ensemble that is perfect for the office environment as well as casual gatherings. It may seem a bit unconventional to style an aviator jacket with a collared shirt, however, this ensemble is being followed by a lot of men.

Wear it Over a Turtleneck

Turtlenecks have been a trendy piece of apparel that gives off smart casual as well as laid-back vibes. They are flattering and sophisticated yet incredibly versatile. There are a lot of outfits that you can incorporate them in, whether you’re going on a date or a simple meet-up with your colleagues, this apparel will elevate your look like no other. Aviators paired up with turtlenecks are the epitome of perfection as they balance each other well. The point here is to select the clothing pieces with the same color contrast for a bold look. Add in denim jeans, and leather boots to the mix and you’re good to go.

The Dressed Up Look

If you want to achieve a more polished and clean look, we advise you to pair aviator jackets with chinos, khakis, or any semi-formal pants that you own. Tuck in a dress shirt or a knitted sweater, depending on your style, and get ready to charm people with your minimalistic sharp look. For your footwear, you can opt for loafers.

Casual is the Best

Surely there’s nothing better than going casual. Aviator Jackets fit perfectly with either crew necks or V-necks. The best choice for a casual look is a tee that fits you best paired with your favorite jeans, be it black or blue. This ensemble highlights your aviator jacket. To further elevate your look, add in a pair of Chelsea boots. This way you have the perfect outfit for outdoor and casual gatherings with less time spent contemplating what to wear and excellent results.  

Aviators on Leather

It may seem a bit unconventional at first, but trust us when we say that Aviator Leather Jackets on leather pants are absolute fire. Both of these apparel have a permanent place in a male’s wardrobe and rightfully so, as their versatility is out of this world. However, when we talk about styling them together, it might seem a bit too much. But you don’t need to worry because the right amount of confidence will help you in slaying this look. 

Aviators on Statement Shirts

Although statement shirts may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s an undeniable fact that they go extremely well with aviator jackets. One thing you should keep in mind when picking statement shirts is to not go for bold prints or bright colors if you want to stay low-key. But if you’re all about standing out in a crowd, go as crazy as you want. Add in your ripped jeans to the mix and you’re good to go.

To Conclude

In this article, we have provided you with a style guide that you can use in any event, be it casual or semiformal. Make sure to style your jackets in a way that they look new every time. Also, remember to try out as many styles as possible to find out which one suits you best.






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