Sun. May 19th, 2024
Engage Your Child in Lockdown

The world is going through a phase like it never did before. We are witnessing arguably one of the worst outbreaks or epidemics in the form of the COVID-19 outbreak. Many lives lost as their loved ones helplessly watched them succumb to the disease. Although the pandemic has been overcome in Wuhan, the disease’s epicenter, several countries continue to struggle with the challenge amid the looming fear of death.

While experts have been extensively working to develop and test the newly-made vaccine, the only valid measure so far has been the ‘lockdown.’ The lesser the people leave their homes, the safer they are supposed to remain from the spread of the virus. One of the significant issues has emerged, keeping vulnerable members of the family, elderly and children, safe during this situation of a pandemic. Keeping your children indoors and asking them to shun all outdoor activities has been one of the significant challenges these days. If you, as a parent or elder sibling, are worried about how you keep children engaged during the lockdown, you have come to the right place. To start, you can apply some of the techniques used in an early learning centre to take matters in control.

This article will walk you through 8 creative ways to keep your children safe and turn the environment conducive and fun for them. So, let us go through them right away.

  1. Talk and Listen to Them

We have been living in a world where we remain busy and engaged in our individual lives. As a result, we have not been giving our family the attention they deserve. Being confined has perhaps allowed us an opportunity to hear each other out. Use this opportunity just to sit down and talk to your children. Let them speak their mind and what they feel about life. Even more importantly, ask your child about the troubling issues or challenges they may be facing in their lives to come up with solutions and thus renew the pledge to make each other’s lives better.

  1. Paint the House Together

Children love colors and are creative by nature, so let them blend the two and have some fun with it. Ask them which color they would like on the walls of their room. Next, pick those paints that you kept safe in the store for better weather and get some brushes ready. Now, let your children apply some fresh coat in their rooms on their own. Allow them to enjoy the newly found activity without intervention so that they may stay away from any addictive habit.

  1. Play an Indoor Game

Another creative and enjoyable activity would be to arrange an indoor game for your children, such as a puzzle or guesswork. You can also get them a new pet, but since the local store would be shut due to the lockdown, you can ask one of your neighbors to send over the pets that your children love and let them have a great time.

  1. Try the Video Console

We like our children to be punctual and organized at all times, but this is the time to allow them as much freedom as they want. Lift the cover from their video game console, unpack all discs and let them enjoy it to the fullest without the restriction of time.

  1. Do Some Gardening

If you have some great gardening tools and some plants that are cropping or dressing, now is the time to do it. Arrange your garden in a way that your children can have a wonderful time by planting some seeds, watering the trees, mowing the lawn, and trimming the bushes.

  1. Let Kids Be Kids

Last but not least, ask your children how they want to spend the time. With schools closed and shops shut, you can invite them to think about how they want to make the most of the moments creatively and enjoyably. Let them be themselves, believe without hindrance, and come up with their ideas.

Make it a Memorable Experience

Home-bound is affecting us all as we are confined in our homes, away from our friends and family members, peers, and colleagues. We are practicing social distancing and implementing several safety measures. In such a scenario, we need to keep our children psychologically fit, and so we must arrange for them an environment where they can be healthy as well as happy. So, let’s pick one of the above ideas and get busy!

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