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Are you using your B2B website to increase your revenue? If yes, then that is good but if the answer is no, then you are missing a huge opportunity. Unfortunately, the majority of professionals are underestimating the B2B website marketing and its ability to generate revenue.

Your company’s website is one of the great tools for increasing your leads, nurturing existing leads and continuing the conversation with existing clients. In the following post, we will be looking at B2B website design best practices for increasing the revenue. Let’s get started:

1-Create Content That Offer Solution

Majority of B2B marketers are aware of the fact that creating content is one of the significant tasks to do. Furthermore, it is also part of the overall lead generation strategy. But still, some of the sales professionals are not able to understand the value of creating content that will solve the problems and will address the needs of valuable customers. You should have an effective content marketing strategy for B2B website to get desired results.

For instance, if your customers are having a question and you provide all answers clearly during a one-on-one meeting but what about the customers that can’t be part of the meeting. You have to come up with a way to provide answers to your online customers as well. So, by creating the content that solves the problem and address needs will position your company as a helpful resource that understands the need of prospects. Once your customer will visit your website and you will be having an answer already present, then this will build trust as a valuable resource and it will be a competitive advantage.

2-Direct Prospects to Related Content

Being a sales professional, it will be better to have an array of tools that will help you to nurture and convert leads. Just consider what will happen if your website is having tons of relevant content like pricing plan, list of all services provided, delivery times, functionality, features, best practices, implement strategies, and more related things. This all will be done when you have designed your website right. The structure of the website also matters a lot so all things should be aligned accordingly. To make your website attractive and functional, you should get in touch with web design agency Boston to have an impact within your business niche.

If your website is having all the afore-mentioned things, then you can simply send the links to prospects so that they can easily view them according to their own convenience. You will not have to send them the document that they need to download or having a risk of files getting corrupted in transmission. The best part here is that these links will provide the answer to the customers and they can view them on their mobile phones as well. This will also save time. This step is very important for lead generation for B2B companies.

3-Generating Inbound Lead Via SEO

Looking for B2B website lead generation? Currently, your target market is searching online for your services and products using search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo. According to a study, 68% of B2B customers prefer to do research independently online. So, to get in front of the potential prospects, you have to optimize your B2B website for traffic coming from the search engine through best B2B SEO marketing practices.

Wondering, why is SEO important for B2B business? When you are optimizing your search engines and targeting the right keyword phrases according to your business needs, then you can generate new inbound leads. The best thing here is that these leads have shown interest in your services and products. They are now down in the sales funnel.

4-Go for Search Ad Campaign

It is a fact that search engine optimization needs time and continuous effort to get the results. So, if you are looking for a way to get in front of your prospects, then PPC is one of the quickest ways to do that and it is part of your B2B paid advertising.

The mechanism here is that if a potential prospect is doing a Google search for anything let’s say mobile phone accessories, then the website offering the accessories will show up in the search results. As the name indicates pay per click, so the person only has to pay when a prospect will click on your ad.

5-Retargeting Ads to Attract Visitor Back on Website

It is a common observation that a visitor arrives on your website, learn about the services or products, and then leave it. At this point, they are just doing the research. The person will continue to browse for 30 to 90 days, they will keep seeing these ads on the website they are visiting. Once they have made up their minds, they will click on the ad because the ads will have created strong awareness of your company brand. This entire process is called retargeting.

It is shown in the studies that six or more visits are required before a B2B prospect converts. You have to stay in front of prospects with your B2B retargeting ads. Remember that retargeting ad is one of the cost-effective means to stay in front of your customers who have already visited your B2B website.

6-Follow Up and Close Leads

It is a common observation that customers walk into your store as a potential buyer. The same is the case with anyone who visits the B2B website, all the visitors are the potential buyers.

No matter what either they are completing a contact form, demo request, proposal request, download white page or e-book, or sign-up for the newsletter, they are all prospects. By simply making contact with them after they download can be a difference between closing a deal or losing a prospect to a competitor. So, it is important to treat all your prospects equally and businesses should try their best to convert visitors into leads.

Hope these six ways will assist you in improving your sales with your B2B website design. However, if you are looking to get marketing services and content services under one roof, then you should get in touch with a professional digital marketing agency within your area to get the work done.

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