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Have you ever thought of doing multiple adventure activities in one place? Morocco is the place! Lush valleys, high peaks, blue cities, cool canyons and mixed European culture make Morocco a playground for travellers. From desert sand-boarding to skiing, it offers countless opportunities for adventure lovers.

Although the cultural side relishes the country’s history, many off-beaten tracks provide rest and relaxation. However, the coastal town offers many rewarding surf areas and soothing beaches. If you are heading here, have a look at some of the best things you can do in Morocco:


Stroll The Blue Streets: 

Stroll The Blue Streets


The blue streets of Chefchaouen give you feels of walking in the blue heaven. Covered in stunning Rif mountains and offering shades of colors, the place is a feast for the eyes. Founded in 1471, Chefchaouen is also known as ‘Blue Pearl’. Explore the markets for antique things and merchant stalls, dine for mouthwatering lamb at a traditional restaurant, hike through the Rif Mountains or swim in the rock pools, the choice is yours.


Make A Visit To Marrakesh: 

Make A Visit To Marrakesh: 


Marrakesh is popularly known as an economic center; it’s home to beautiful gardens, places and mosques. Places like Jardin Majorelle, Ben Youssef Madrasa. Bahia Palace and El Bafi Palace are some must-visit destinations of Marrakesh. And, don’t forget to explore souks and markets to take home some of the best leather-made things.


Besides, the place is a perfect location for people who love outdoors. While there are many adventurous activities like hiking, camping, camel trekking and more to try, cycling is the most popular among tourists. Hop on to morocco & Atlas mountain cycling destination to peddle to some of the best locations.


Atlas Mountain:


Atlas Mountain:

Atlas Mountain span to Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco. It’s one of the most beautiful and breathtaking mountain ranges. Here you will find Berber Villages, green valleys and rare species of birds. The mountain’s russet slopes are covered with lacy cedars and scrubby pines. The ancient culture of the atlas is quite welcoming; you might find yourself gulping Moroccan mint teas.


Wander At Ait Benhaddou: 

Wander At Ait Benhaddou:


Ait Benhaddou is the UNESCO World Heritage site; you can call it a traditional mud city. cupped in the mountains, locals call this place as ighrem. Ighrem was once used by traders as a stopping point amidst the desert. While only a few people live here, it’s an amazing place to explore. Moreover, it’s the popular film location where movies like Gladiator, The Bourne ultimatum and Game of Thrones was filmed.

Explore Adventurous Side: 



While the city gives a glimpse of vibrant rugs hanging over the Medina walls, dunes of the Sahara and more, there’s the adventurous side of the city as well. Hike to the Ouzoud Waterfalls, be a part of sportive like La Marmotte 2020, and take a horseback tour to enjoy the unparalleled view of the atlas and more.

Book A Traditional Stay: 

You can book a stay at raids, a traditional Moroccan home that is transformed into a hotel to keep up with luxurious authenticity. Most raids are located in the old cities of Marrakesh and Fez. The rooms are built in the surrounding galleries and look like complete architectural masterpieces. Some raids also have rooftop terrace and pools where you can savor fresh meals.

Be A Part Of A Cultural Event: 

Morocco hosts many cultural festivals and events; adjusting your trip with them can be a great way to get into the local culture. Also, there are multi-day festivals like the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music and Essaouira Gnaoua and World Music Festival, which you can enjoy anytime.

From the rugged mountains to the surfing beaches, Morocco is full of amazing delights. Keep the above places on the list and explore the place.

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