7 Easy Mockup Maker To Save Your Time

For those who have little design experiences and don’t have a team to support you, it’s going to be tough working on your new mockups. And even if you’re a design agency, having the most easy mockup maker is still going to help a lot.

Hence, in the following article, we’ll be taking a look at the best options that are currently available for you. Consider their many features, benefits, and certain drawbacks to choose the best platform for your future mockup designs.


To handle all your different UI design tasks with the accessible web-based services, MOQUPS is among the best tools that you can find.

Here, the powerful web app lets you create, design, and collaborate on all of your different wireframes, mockups, diagrams, and prototype projects, using its many tools and features.

Have no troubles using the web-based platform on your browsers without any installations, which allow MOQUPS users to enjoy its features on multi-devices and on the go.

With flexible design solutions, smart tools, and simple interfaces, you easily handle all design processes and adapt them to your workflow.

And the complete design ecosystem and environment will make the entire process a lot more intuitive for works using different platforms.

However, since the design tool doesn’t offer any free plan, users who are on a budget won’t find it so attractive.


This is a convenient tool for those who want to speed up their design processes and start building their prototypes in no time.

Feel free to use the intuitive drag and drop interfaces to easily set up your canvas. Add elements to your layouts with simple touch actions and enable their basic interactions with ease.

You can also import your designs and sketches from other platforms to have them realized in Proto, as high-fidelity mockups or functional prototypes.

With the interactive mockup maker, users are allowed to add different design elements and levels of interactions to their projects. Thus, making it a lot easier for you to handle your dynamic designs with enabled motions.

And by offering the multi-platform tools, Proto allows Android users to work on their design projects, using any of their smart devices.

Just keep in mind that the design tool, like MOQUPS, will require users to pay to unlock the fully-featured app.


To handle your different tasks and design operations, you can now use this easy mockup maker of Mockplus to handle your projects with ease. Have no troubles using the all-in-one tool to quickly load up your sketches and designs from other platforms.

Or you can use the optimized Mockplus RP to enable fast designs, visual interactions, and quick tests of your designs. Have access to the all-in-one libraries of design elements and templates, together with useful design tools.

Enjoy the convenient team workspace in Mockplus, as the software lets the product manager, designs, and front-end developers access the Mockplus Cloud environment, in which you can manage your projects and make simultaneous changes.

And if you are interested in the free pricing, then you can always use the basic feature in Mockplus to handle your simple mockup designs. However, keep in mind that the free plan will only come with limited features, which aren’t enough for your large projects.

Also, since it only offers preplanned templates and interactions, the tool is somewhat lacking in creativity and flexibility. So, while users can make quick and beautiful UI mockups with it, we don’t recommend Mockplus for highly-demanding projects.


For designing teams to work more efficiently and conveniently together, InVision is another great mockup maker platform for you.

Here, users can have access to the freehand tools, which make it super easy for you to handle your different mockup design, using simple touch actions and gestures on all your smart devices.

And by featuring many design elements, InVision users can quickly find the right templates and themes for their creative works, or get inspired with the trending design styles.

The team workspace allows for large design projects to be handled individually and simultaneously in one place, so the teams and their manager can effectively manage the many tasks together.

Not to mention that the many integrations of your favorite productivity tools and design software in InVision will allow members to enjoy their work a lot more.

However, with multiple features and many customizable settings, InVision isn’t the most user-friendly platform and it’ll take a decent amount of time for you to get comfortable with the app.

Adobe XD

And if you’re already familiar with the Adobe ecosystem, this easy mockup maker of AdobeXD will offer great benefits for you and the team.

Here, designers are allowed to access the professional and highly proficient design environment from the famous Adobe, so you can enable the greatest works in short amounts of time. Create layouts, add colors and styles, and adjust the certain on-screen elements without any troubles.

The app is designed by a design company and with designers in mind, so you don’t need programming skills to continue the project. Feel free to use the built-in prototyping and animation tools to add flows, interactions, and motions to your creative designs.

Have your smart designs automatically scale and self-adjust to different platforms. Make use of the endless extensibility through the uses of integrated tools and unlockable plug-ins in AdobeXD.

And always have the best collaboration experiences with your fellow Adobe subscribers, as the Creative Cloud is among the best online workspace for design teams.

Just keep in mind that the app does come with a relatively high price for its many features and perks. So unless you’re already familiar with the Adobe ecosystem, it’s not worth investing in your subscription plans.


For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy working with the simple tool of Sketch, which allows designers to make sketches and instantly realize mockup designs.

Use the all-in-one design tool kit to work on your entirely new concepts, refining your old designs, or finishing your current works with the many built-in elements.

Here, users can create their perfect artwork using the sketch tools. Turn them into playable prototypes using many interactions and animations. And enable your developer handoff that is automatically generated.

And don’t forget to work with the hundreds of different plugins that were created by Sketch and its community, which will allow you to have more design authorities and materials.

However, like all other great design tools, Sketch doesn’t come with a free price. And users will need to pay extra to get their subscriptions.


Visily is the free design app for everyone

And last but not least, we have Visily, which is a multi-platform mockup design software for webs and apps. Here, users can enjoy the fully-featured tool with its AI-powered features for everyone.

Founders and business analysts will find the app extremely helpful when designing their high-fidelity mockups, thanks to the automated theme generations. And you can now use the simple drag-and-drop mechanics to adjust your UI components.

Product managers will have the smart AI assistant to guide them through the different stages of your mockup designs and make sure that you’re having the best quality work. And you can always use the convenient Screenshot to mockup feature to quickly realize any UI designs in seconds.

Designers will have themselves many resources and design tools, which can be used to freely customize their creative works. Developers won’t have any troubles working on their UI mockups, without any design knowledge, thanks to the many presets in Visily.

And the entire team will benefit from the collaborative environments in the app, with the intuitive online work space for members to edit and share their works in real time.

Not to mention that the design tool does offer its free plan with adequate features, so you can finally create your beautiful mockups without breaking your budget.


All the mentioned tools are great for designing your apps and webs. But if you’re looking for the best easy mockup maker with free pricing and good features, none can beat Visily. So, feel free to use any of the tools if you wish. And always go for Visily if you don’t want to pay anything.

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