7 Habits That Can Enhance the Way You Look

As a college student, you need to look and feel your best. 


In part, this means getting serious about your health and wellness. 


But it also means to focus on your style, how you dress, and how you present yourself, in general. 


The truth of the matter is this:


You’re going to feel a lot better in life if you love the way you look. 


And in this post, you’re going to learn seven easy yet dynamic habits to help you enhance your appearance. With these tips, you’ll always stay on top of your image and keep your ‘style game’ strong. 


Let’s dive into it. 


1. Choose an Aesthetic That Works for You


Every person will have one or two ‘looks’ that really work well for them. 


Now, this doesn’t mean that you can’t dress in a variety of different fashions. Instead, it shows that it’s essential to understand which specific styles compliment your body type, personality, and vibe.


Choosing an aesthetic that works for you gives you a baseline for shopping and putting together outfits.


This one is a surprising yet crucial step, especially if you’re not necessarily a fashion guru and aren’t quite sure where to get started.


You can read about how to find your ideal aesthetic in this blog post. Bustle also has a great article about finding the perfect style for you.


Fashion and style can be intimidating if you lack experience putting together aesthetic outfits. 


But it’s essential to look good. And learning about this vital skill set will pay dividends for you as you move through life. 


2. Shop To Compliment Your Body and Overall Look


It never fails. 


When you go shopping, you’re going to judge yourself. 


You’re going to look at your body and wish for a different shape to accommodate some of the styles you might see on social media and in magazines.


This one is a very easy trap to fall into, but it’s not an effective trap. 


And to counter it, you should always start by looking at your body, accepting it, and then asking yourself:


“What types/sizes of clothing will complement my awesome body and make me look and feel great?” 


When you get into the habit of making this one simple change in your thinking, you’ll set yourself up for a ton of true fashion success. 


Always buy clothing that fits you, and don’t stress out over trying to look larger or smaller. 


Accept your size as perfect, and move on! 


3. Don’t Be Afraid To Make a Statement With Your Style


A lot of people make the mistake of trying to be too conservative with their style. 


Of course, you don’t want to look weird or out of place. So conservative choices are good for avoiding this. 


But there’s also such a thing as going way too far with style conservativism. 


And sometimes, especially once you get your aesthetic nailed down, it pays to make some bold style choices. 


So don’t be afraid to make a statement. 


Feel free to go a little over the top to help you stand out.


4. Keep Your Wardrobe Fresh


Shopping costs a lot of money. And as a student, you may be wondering:


“How can I keep my wardrobe up-to-date without bankrupting myself in the process?” 


That’s a good question. 


Keeping your wardrobe fresh is incredibly important.


In fact, for best results, you should slowly rotate your wardrobe out piece by piece on an almost monthly basis. With this method, you can stay current with the season you’re in and the style you want to wear as the seasons change.


So consider looking for hot deals at your favorite stores, shopping at thrift stores, and even using websites like ThredUP and apps like Poshmark to find great deals. 


Of course, you might have to spend a bit of money upgrading your wardrobe — and in moderation, don’t be afraid to do so. 


Investing in yourself to upgrade your fashion is never a bad choice.


5. Get Your Hair Done


Your hair is a critical part of your aesthetic, and getting into the habit of getting it done regularly can help you to upgrade your look.


Consider finding a salon or a barber that you like. 


Not too keen on spending full price for haircuts, coloring, or styling? 


Then, consider finding and making some friends who are going to school for cosmetology.  Throw them some extra cash in exchange for budget cosmetology services. 


It’s a win-win all the way around.


6. Rock Some Stylish Footwear


Shoes must never become an afterthought, regardless of whether you’re a man or woman. 


Make sure that you have the shoes needed to fit your style. 


In fact, you may need several pairs of shoes to get the job done for the current seasonal style you’ve chosen for yourself. 


So make sure to check these off the list.


Online stores like Shoes.com and Amazon are great if you’re looking for a particular style and need some serious shoe-shopping options.


7. Accessorize To Bring It All Together


Accessories, all-too-often, only exist as an afterthought.


Sure, you need a great top. 


You need some great shoes, and you need a great haircut. 


These are all good things. 


But when you accessorize with watches, jewelry, necklaces, and rings, you take your style and aesthetic to a whole new level. You also gain the ability to broadcast your own unique ‘look’ to the world. 


This method will make you stand out even more and will make you feel simply fantastic.


Need some exciting accessory options? 


Check out stores like PuraVida for awesome bracelets and rings. 




There you have it. 


Seven habits that’ll enhance the way you look every time. 


For best results, make a simple plan and get started today. Remember that it’s never too soon or too late to start leveling up your fashion. 


Now get out there and look your best. 


You’ve got this!

Adam Marshall is a freelance writer who specializes in all things apartment organization, real estate, and college advice. He currently works with Grove at Lubbock to help them with their online marketing.


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