7 Myths about Radon

Radon is a colorless, tasteless, and odorless radioactive gas. The presence of radon in an environment cannot be felt normally. If you cannot feel its presence around you, this does not guarantee that you are living in a radon-free zone. Radon is extremely poisonous element, causing over 21,000 deaths annually. The only thing more dangerous than Radon is smoking. That is why you must get regular radon testing services so that you can be sure that you are not living in a pernicious surrounding.

In this article, we have discussed 7 myths about this dangerous domestic problem, and what the real threat it poses to your life and home.

1.      Radon is not really the problem

According to the Center of Disease Control, American Medical Association and American Lung Association, Radon and smoking are the reasons for causing lung cancer, leading to deaths each year. All of these deaths are preventable. While nothing can be said with certainty for radon exposure deaths, the risk is much higher for smokers. Radon testing service helps eliminate the factor which can cause health issues.

2.      Radon testing services are costly

Another myth which people hold about radon testing services is that it is demanding, time-consuming and expensive. The reality is that radon testing is very easy to perform. You can easily get your building tested for radon gas by a qualified/licensed radon testing company or you can even do it yourself. Either way, the test is easy to perform and does not cost you much in terms of time and money.

3.      Buildings with radon presence can’t be fixed

If your building has presence of radon, there are many solutions for this potentially serious problem. You can deal with it just like you deal with other household issues, such as repair. However, addressing this issue is something you should not do on your own. Getting advice from professionals and radon testing service can help mitigate radon from your buildings.

4.      Not all buildings are vulnerable to radon contamination

You can never be sure about presence or absence of Radon in a building. Being an odorless, tasteless and colorless gas, radon can be present in all types of homes; whether new or old; whether insulated or drafty. The main determinants or sources of presence of radon are factors like construction materials, local geology, along with few others. It is only through radon testing service that you can confirm its presence.

5.      Radon is a problem only in specific areas

While there are some areas which can be practically called as hubs of radon because of some incident, or previous establishment, you can’t say it with certainty that other areas are completely safe from its presence. Radon issue is more serious in some areas because of high levels of radon, however it has been found in all parts of the country. The only way to determine the presence of radon and threat level in your home is though proper radon testing service.

6.      You can rely on your Neighbor’s test results

If your neighbor’s radon testing service showed no presence of radon in his building, that cannot be a certificate of your own home’s safety. Radon levels vary from location to location, because of the building material. We won’t recommend you to use your neighbor’s results to determine for your own home. The only way to be sure about your home’s safety is to get your radon testing services for your home.

7.      You should test water for radon presence

No doubt radon enters a building through water supply. However, that should not be a parameter for determining the presence of radon in a building because it is far more important to check the levels of radon in the air. In case you have an underground water supply, you must call the water company supplying your home’s water.

End discussion

From the discussion above, we have established that Radon presence cannot be overlooked, and you must take an action for wiping it out after found any traces by radon testing services. At Acc Env we have years of experience providing impeccable Asbestos Consulting & radon testing services. With the right tools and equipment, we have the skill and expertise to identify the issue and take appropriate actions to mitigate the threat. We offer both Charcoal and Continuous Radon Monitors (CRM) to protect your home and loved ones from this potential problem.

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