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The days of the traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles are nearly over. Both Europe and Great Britain have simultaneously agreed to only sell zero-emission vehicles from 2035, and many American states have also started to follow suit. California recently announced plans to become the ninth American state to require automobile manufacturers to make only zero-tailpipe emission vehicles from 2035.

Various factors are contributing to changing perceptions of ICE vehicles, but primarily, it’s because they produce significant emissions that affect the planet. Growing environmental awareness has resulted in public outcry, as the transportation sector is one of the biggest fossil fuel consumers. That’s why there’s an urgent need to find alternative modes of transportation that are both eco-friendly and lucrative enough for the industry to shift gears.

When most people talk about alternative transportation methods to ICE vehicles, they generally discuss public transport or personal electric vehicles. However, a third option exists, which might be more suitable and affordable for most people – electric bikes. Electric bikes are similar to traditional bikes, except they feature a power motor, which assists with pedaling. That means that while you might have to put in a bit of energy to get moving, you’ll have an easier time traveling than if you’d used a traditional bike. 

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Why You Should Consider Purchasing an Electric Bike

Here are some reasons to consider purchasing an electric bike. They include:

  1. Assisted Biking

One of the primary reasons to purchase an electric bike is that riding it is considerably easier than a traditional bike. Electric bikes feature an electric motor that provides pedaling assistance. As a result, you won’t become a sweaty mess as you try to pedal your way uphill. They’ll also be easy on your glutes and hamstrings, meaning you’re less likely to tire yourself out as you ride around the block or pedal across the city. They’ll also prevent long-term afflictions that often plague cyclists, such as bad knees.

  1. Improves Fitness

It’s no secret that riding a bicycle is an excellent way to burn fat and improve your cardiovascular health. After all, there’s a reason gyms have recumbent and upright stationary bikes. It’s because cycling is great cardio.

Many people argue that electric bikes don’t benefit your health since the pedal assist makes things easier. While it’s true that traditional cycles help you burn more calories, research shows that electric bikes are still a boon to your health. According to one study, electric bike riders are physically active for 95 percent of their riding time, engaging in at least moderately intense activity. 

  1. The Future of Transportation

Experts worldwide continue to debate about the future of transportation. Each region has a different prevailing belief. For instance, European and Asian researchers believe the future of transportation involves a mixture of trams, light-rails, and walking for inner-city traveling. Meanwhile, North American researchers believe electric vehicles are the future, especially as charging infrastructure becomes more widespread. 

It’s important to understand that certain factors affect perception. For instance, North American countries have significantly more landmass than most of their European counterparts. In addition, countries like the United States primarily developed after the Industrial Revolution, meaning most cities were built with cars intended as the primary mode of transportation. 

However, electric bikes are still an excellent purchase, particularly as a second vehicle. Most electric bikes today have a riding range between 40 and 100 miles, depending on battery size, model, etc. If you think that range is a bit too restrictive, it’s important to note that the average American drives approximately 37 miles per day, which is lower than the minimum range for most electric bikes. 

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your electric bike running out of battery while traveling to and from work or going around town running errands and picking up groceries.

  1. Environmentally Friendly 

People have become more aware of the environment and humanity’s impact on it in the 21st century, particularly since the internet makes disseminating information easy and almost instantaneous. According to research, the transportation sector accounts for nearly 20 percent of the world’s energy consumption. In addition, the sector is also the biggest oil consumer. 

As fossil fuel reserves continue to deplete and the effect of excavating these resources becomes more apparent, governments and activist groups have pushed for consumers to focus on more environmentally friendly transportation methods, such as electric vehicles.

Electric bikes are smaller than electric vehicles. As a result, they’re ideal for reducing global emissions and fuel consumption globally since they have a smaller footprint. 

  1. Good Value

In addition to reducing your footprint and emissions, electric bikes also provide good value because they’re considerably cheaper than electric vehicles, making them more affordable to a larger portion of the population.

You can also use an electric pickup truck to charge your electric bike if the electric pickup truck’s battery can provide output. Thus, your electric bike could be used to travel shorter distances while your electric pickup truck is used for longer distances, making an electric bike the ideal second vehicle option. 

Finally, you’ll also get good value from your electric bike because it doesn’t require gas. Thus, you’ll be saving a considerable fortune by avoiding shelling out for gas to top up your tank.

  1. Easy to Maintain 

Another advantage to consider when purchasing an electric bike is that they’re easily maintainable since they only use a powered electric motor to function. Hence, repairing and maintaining your electric bike is much easier than a traditional or even an electrical vehicle. 

  1. Design Variety Makes Them Suitable for All Types of Terrains 

Like traditional bicycles, electric bikes come in various shapes and forms. Some are better suited to specific terrains than others. Class 1 electric bikes usually feature a small electric motor with a limited speed of 20 miles per hour. You can ride it anywhere in cities where a normal bike would generally be used.

Class 2 electric bikes feature throttle control and can be ridden at higher speeds than their Class 1 counterparts. Finally, Class 3 electric bikes generally go up to speeds of nearly 30 miles per hour and feature a more powerful motor, which means you can only use these bikes on roadways.

Like traditional bicycles, electric mountain bikes also exist. These electric bikes are designed for climbing steep mountains with motor assistance and provide greater control and safety in such terrains than most traditional bikes.


Electric bikes continue to become more popular globally, especially as people realize they offer numerous benefits. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly and healthier way to travel, consider purchasing an electric bike because it will most certainly be worthwhile.

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