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8 Beautiful Flowers that are having medicinal Benefit!8 Beautiful Flowers that are having medicinal Benefit!

All of us have medicines in stock at home for all emergencies! But there is nothing better than having a lot of beautiful flowers you get through an online flower delivery at home that is not just pretty to look at but also serves a purpose as a medicine to heal us.

Plants and especially flowers are a part of Ayurveda since ancient times and are proven to benefit the health of anyone consuming them. Order flowers online that have medicinal properties and will look stunning in your 

garden too!

The Holy Basil (Tulsi)

All of us are acquainted with the tulsi plant. It is not only used for medicinal purposes but also holds a lot of importance in the Hindu religion for a lot of rituals and traditions.

The holy basil flowers are used to make a herbal tea that can treat a lot of diseases like fever, insect bites and more chronic diseases like asthma. Tulsi is also a natural toothpaste that helps keep the mouth germ-free.

The Hibiscus flower (Gudahal)

The red coloured hibiscus flower is seen in pretty much every location in India. These flowers are found at almost everyone’s homes because of their importance as a medicine and even as an offering while praying to god!

This divine flower is not only cultivated because of its pretty red colour, but it also works as a great vitamin C supplement when consumed in the form of tea. 

The Marigold flower (Genda)

Another common flower seen in almost every Indian household is the marigold. The most common species of marigold grown in India is the African Marigold, which looks spectacular because of its bright yellow colour.

These flowers are of great importance on auspicious occasions throughout India, be it weddings or festivals, these yellow and orange-coloured flowers always look great.

The other variety called the Calendula has a lot more health benefits than the traditional ones used for decorations.

For severe mouth and stomach ulcers, consumption of marigold infused tea is a great way to cure it.

The Night Flowering Jasmine (Parijaat)

Parijaat, the official flower of West Bengal, is a well-known flower in the world of medicine like Ayurveda and also in homoeopathy! 

When anyone gets a fever because of malaria, dengue or other mosquito-related diseases, the consumption of this flower proves to be very helpful!

The Lotus flower (Kamal)

The lotus is the only flower that grows in muddy water! This flower apart from looking beautiful is also considered medicinal because of its healing properties. 

The national flower of India is mostly cultivated in a water garden. The flower, particularly, the edible seeds are used for the treatment of a lot of stomach 

related issues like diarrhoea, stomach aches, cholera and many more!

The Blue Pea flower (Aparajita)

The Blue Pea flower is a species of vine that can pretty much grow anywhere, provided the space. Because of the rich blue colour, this flower is used in extracting natural, blue colour that can be used in foods. 

This flower is being used by a lot of Ayurveda practitioners because of its properties of enhancing memories and also highly used in cleaning wounds.

The Rosy Periwinkle flower (Sadabahar)

The periwinkle is not considered a native of India, but now it is grown throughout the country because of the splendid colours it offers and as also, its medicinal properties!

All parts of the periwinkle plant, especially the flowers are used for treating mild symptoms of fever, sore throat, lung infections. But its main usage is particularly in the treatment of diabetes.

The Rose flower (Gulab)

Roses are found in a variety of colours throughout India! Having roses in your garden is something to be proud of. But, apart from its beauty, it has a lot of other medicinal uses!

The rosehip is used to extract oils that do wonders for the skin. Rosewater, again, is used to calm irritated skin and also used to make herbal tea that refreshes the body from within!

These flowers are not only beautiful to look at but also helpful in a lot of ways. Use these flowers for yourself or send flowers online today to someone who might need them!

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