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Flowers have never failed to fascinate us since the time of their inception. They have this strong aura (beauty and fragrance being their major features), which is practically impossible to hate or resist. Their enticing scents and captivating appearance have always succeeded in soothing our eyes and noses. Flowers have been a constant source in providing emotional well-being and visual peace, right?


Humans have used flowers for multiple purposes since time immemorial. They have been used to express feelings and emotions such as love, friendship, or respect. They have been and are continued for various medicinal purposes such as for some healing therapy and aromatherapy. These days, flowers have been used to communicate things like “thank you” and “I am sorry.” Also, these flowers possess the power to boost up the mood and also to reduce stress and anxiety in a person then send flowers to Delhi to your friends and family and spread the happiness around.


Just when you thought that you are fully and well aware of the facts of flowers, flowers have got something extra to reach you by surprise. So, let’s get started with the points straight away!!


  • Did you know that in Europe, Angelica flower was used to cure anything and everything? And when I say everything it varied from indigestion to bubonic plague. It is also believed that it was used while performing a ritual bath. Taking a bath adding angelica flower in water breaks the lousy spell and also wards off negative and evil spirits.
  • This flower is also called by the name, ‘wild celery’ because of its resemblance with celery in appearance and door. Professional practitioners suggest ingesting angelica as herbal tea as it cures problems like indigestion, colic, gas, hepatitis, and heartburn.
  • Gas plants, also known by the name, ‘burning bush’ got this name because of its flowers, leathery green leaves, and seeds pods produce strong scents that smell like lemon which can be ignited on a summer night with a matchbox.
  • This point will make your jaw drop and raise your eyebrows. Also, it takes you back to the 17trh century when tulip bulbs were more valuable and expensive than gold. Also, this flower is the symbol of immortality, love, and life. In the 1960s, there spread an uncanny craze for tulips and were so expensive that they were being treated as a form of currency and hence they got the title, ‘Tulip Mania.’ Are not these shocking? Wait, there is more. Guess the lifespan of tulip flowers? No, you guessed it wrong. They last only for 3-7 days.
  • You can rarely find flowers in bamboo. It is said that some species of bamboo get flowers after 65 to 120 years. An interesting fact about this flower is that it buds flowers at the same time irrespective of the place they are in the entire world. Bamboos are said to produce 30% more oxygen and can absorb the more amount of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere. Consequently, bamboos are responsible for reducing carbon dioxide in the air leading to lower the greenhouse effect and cleans the air effectively.
  • Lotus!! This flower is not only considered sacred in Hindu mythology but also was regarded highly in religious in the ancient history of the Egyptians. The flowers were used in burial rituals. Lotus blooms in wet, damp lands and rivers, but they may lie inactive for years when hit by drought, and resurrect with the return of water.
  • So, that is why the Egyptians regarded lotus as the symbol of eternal and resurrection. For the rest of the world, people considered the lotus as the symbol of serenity, beauty, purity, and grace. Is lotus your favourite flower? Mine too! Order flowers online and gifts yourself these beautiful creatures of nature.
  • Agave is one of the species of flowers which is known to live without producing any flowers for years. It grows only a single flower after years and then it dies after producing the flower. This is known as ‘Monocarpic.’
  • Another species of flowers, ‘Moonflowers’ has got this name because this flower blooms only at night and stays intact during the day. It starts blooming from the evening, blooms throughout the night, and closes as soon as it meets the sun in the morning.
  • Titan Arum is regarded as the biggest flower in the world, and the circumference and even the height of the flower extend up to 3 meters. Since they produce the smell of rotten flesh, it has bagged the title of ‘corpse flower.’


So, these unusual facts about the flowers may have sounded surprising to you. There is much more to be unfolded about various other species of flowers, Stay tuned and order flowers online to stay in touch with these beauties

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