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Compare our lives today with those of generations before us. Even if you think about a decade back, the way time is spent today vastly differs from that era. Technological advancements were beginning to emerge, yet they didn’t take over our daily lives as they do now.

The life of an average person today is heavily dependent upon the use of the smartphone. It is a norm to use an app to ease work, time management, travel, and navigation, master a skill, or just to keep oneself entertained. The device that fits the palm of your hand gives you access to various applications that helpfully transform your life.

Do Apps Really Help Us Optimize Our Lives?

Thanks to the user-friendly interface and practicality, mobile applications provide optimum convenience to people of all ages. Probably that is why Social Media Today reported that an average American spends more time using a mobile app than watching tv!

Whether you need to shop for something or communicate with someone, you will easily find a free, reliable app for that. You can do several other things like learning skills, do online banking, get a ride, and order food from the convenience of your home, thanks to smartphone apps. Considering that there are close to 2.85 million apps for download only on the Google play store, we can safely say that the abundance of useful apps would definitely add value to our lives.

Here are the eight ways apps can be used to bring improvement and positivity to our daily life. 


  • Keeping track of expenses


Worries about maintaining our finances take up a lot of our time. Tracking the income and expenditures alone is a tedious task. Add to it the concerns of paying bills on time, saving enough, and having a clear financial overview; it all becomes quite a burden.

Apps like Spendee and Expensify make money management easy for you. They save a lot of time by giving you a clear picture of how much money is coming and how much of it is being spent. You can easily keep a log of your expenses to maintain a weekly, monthly, or yearly budget. Using these budgeting apps will help you achieve your financial goals.


  • Efficiently manage time


There are some fantastic apps that can help you manage your time well. Time management is crucial if you wish to be more productive while giving you adequate time for your personal interests and family as well. 

These apps work on various principles like limiting your social media browsing, providing time slots for task completion, or sending reminders before the deadline. If you use these apps regularly, you will soon notice that your work will get done on time, and you will be able to juggle things besides work as well.

Hubspot recommends using the IFTTT app, Timeful, and Toggl if you wish to use your time wisely. Other apps that double as a work organizer for project management are the Trello app, Todoist, and MindNode, which you can download for free.


  • Keeping our home organized


Above, we discussed apps for managing time to be more productive at work. But there are apps to help you with an organized life at home as well. Don’t you think a well-organized home is a key to mental peace and stability?

The first thing which comes to mind while organizing your home is to keep all the essential documents sorted. Mortgage, lease, warranties, vaccination records, and all kinds of paperwork can be scanned and stored on the Homer app, giving you easy access whenever needed.

If you wish to create a practical cleaning schedule, you can do so using the Tody app. My Closet is a wonderful app to keep your wardrobe sorted. It helps you with the outfit ideas without needing to rummage the closet physically.  


  • Communicate in a better way


Communicating with your colleagues,  friends, and family comprises a significant part of our day to day lives. Making this socialization meaningful without a breach of privacy is very important.  

We have come a long way since the days of MSN or Yahoo messenger, and the social apps used today offer a lot more ease and functionality for better communication. Most of us have Whatsapp, WeChat, or Facebook Messenger downloaded on our phones. However, other useful apps like the airG scam free apps can also be used to chat with friends and family safely. 


  • A quick, seamless shopping experience


The rise of the popularity of shopping apps encourages business owners to invest in developing a mobile application to reap success. Therefore, we can now purchase anything via apps, be it an airline ticket, grocery, clothes, or even a property!

Shopping with apps gives us the convenience of browsing the thing of our choice from a massive variety. Payment options are also quite flexible, plus there is an ease of return in case you don’t like a product when it arrives at your doorstep. 


  • Easy access to entertainment


Your smartphone can be a hub of entertainment for you, thanks to a plethora of apps. According to App Annie statistics, Netflix is the top-rated android app, and it doesn’t come as a surprise. The app provides hours of premium quality entertainment with its original shows and classic movies. 

Besides Netflix, other apps can give you a fulfilling dose of entertainment like the Spotify app for music, Amazon Kindle for reading books, and millions of gaming apps that keep you hooked for hours. 


  • Facilitate self-learning 


Remote learning is the new normal these days since the world got hit by the global pandemic in 2020. Thanks to several mobile apps, one can learn whatever they want from the comfort of their homes. 

There are various apps that help people acquire skills for career advancements, learn foreign languages, and get enrolled in various certificate courses. Examples are Udemy or the Duolingo app, which are facilitating learning for millions of people worldwide. 

Other apps that help you gain knowledge on any topic in the world with the peer learning approach are the Quora app or the Minitopo app. 


  •  Helps achieve fitness goals


One of the best ways to make your life meaningful is to step on the fitness and health track with the determination to achieve set goals. Many apps assist you in the fitness journey by tracking your nutrition, logging physical activity, and providing training advice. These apps will significantly help you change your eating and activity habits by encouraging a better lifestyle.

The good news is that most of these apps are well designed and totally free of cost to help you achieve your goals easily. The top recommended fitness apps are My Fitness Pal, Fooducate, and the Fitonomy app. 


Rapid progression in the field of science is paving the way for several upcoming technologies like AI (artificial intelligence), VR (virtual reality), or IoT (internet of things). When added to mobile apps, these technologies will further make our day-to-day lives more manageable. 

Mobile apps are definitely proving to be beneficial for us in several ways. However, it is up to us not to exceed the use above a limit, which can be harmful to our mental health and family lives. However, use in moderation is entirely acceptable due to the efficiency it can bring to our lives.

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