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New Year is a perfect time for giving gifts. You might already have started finding the right New Year gifts. When it comes to gifting something to your close one, one thing that you don’t want to gift is bad luck. To stay away from making any gift related mistake, you must take the heed of the following 9-old-fashioned gift giving superstitions.

  1. Knives and Scissors:

Giving anything sharp, such as a knife or scissors, is a token of pure bad luck, as it’s considered to sever the relationship. However, the recipient can mitigate the damage by giving something small in return as a transaction. There’s a rhyme which can eliminate the curse of gifting something sharp is – “If you love me, as I love you, no knife can cut our love in two.”

  1. Hankies:

This particular gift-giving superstition is quite literal- giving a handkerchief is said to signify tears come in. In Sweden, as a man you are not supposed to gift your lover a silk handkerchief, or your loved one will wipe away her affection for you. Just like the handkerchief, a bar of soap is also considered as an unlucky gift, as it will wash your friendship away.

  1. Opals

Opals are believed to be the most unlucky gemstone, and that’s why you should always avoid opal as a gift unless the receiver was born in October. Never set this gemstone in an engagement ring as it portends early widowhood.

  1. Shoes:

Never gift a pair of shoes to your close one as this gift is considered to be the unlucky one. Giving shoe as a Christmas gift is a stroke of pure bad luck as it is thought to signify that the receiver will walk away from your life.

  1. Cats:

According to the local folklore of Sicily, you should never give a present in the shape of a cat to someone who is going to be engaged, as it brings sudden and violent death.

  1. Portrait:

It’s really bad news for the ego-maniacs and narcissists. Receiving a portrait of yourself is a sign of treachery.

  1. Giving A Gift Back:

It’s really unlucky to give a gift and then afterward take it back again. An old rhyme warns – “Give a thing and take again, And you shall ride in hell’s wain.”

  1. Gifts With Bad Luck Colors:

The color plays a significant role in gifts. Gifting or receiving black colored gifts is always said to be bad as this color brings death with it. You should not gift a book with the red cover as it is sure to break the bond of friendship.

  1. Roses:

In the Victorian age, roses were the very popular gift between couples and lovers as they were strongly associated with secrete passions. Different colors of Roses resemble the different types of meanings. In Spain giving Yellow roses to someone is unlucky as it signifies adultery.

Now you’ve probably got to know about the things that you should definitely not send to your loved ones on New Year. And to make everything easier, order New Year Gift online from any reputed online gift portal that provides online gift delivery and send to your loved ones in India or abroad.

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