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There are multiple reasons for someone to go out of the country just to Travelling Alone. One thing is for certain. It is definitely an experience that is fulfilling both for the mind and the soul. When travelling, the body and mind expect to rest and recuperate from the daily stresses of life. Travelling with others, while definitely fun and has its own advantages, can be mentally exhausting too, especially for introverts such as I am. It can also be scary when you get lost. However, you can easily just search where you are with where am I right now to find your exact location.

The mental toll it takes to socialize all day and having to keep up a positive vibe all around can make the vacation seem like a torture chamber for many people. After all, it has been said that for one to truly get a hold of himself, he should travel alone.

No rules. No time limits. No adjusting for other people. When you travel alone, you are utterly and completely free to do what you so wish. Solitary travel is a liberating experience that allows many to get to know who they truly are. When travelling with family and/or friends, the schedule is, more often than not, ironclad. Spontaneity with such a big group of people can bring more harm than good. 

Here are some tips when travelling alone.

Look For Single Lodging:

Many accommodations are expecting two or more guests. What this means is that you are paying for more than you will be using. Before completing your booking, it would be good if you ask for a single lodging instead. This would make your travel much cheaper.

Find Spots with Free WiFi:

When you are alone, it can definitely get a bit boring from time to time. Make sure that you look for spots with free WiFi to bide your time. With hotel WiFi, charges may rack up especially when you plan to Skype or FaceTime home. When you get bored, you can also binge-watch on Netflix if you have free WiFi.

Be Friendly With Other Travellers:

Just because it’s called solo travelling doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be isolated the entire time. Take the time to be friendly with other travellers. You never know when you might meet good people. One common tale that happens is that solo travellers gather and they travel together. Even if you’re not in the mood to travel with a group, you can still ask travellers for tips, advice, and recommendations on where to go.

Eat Up And Try Out Different Cuisines:

While this isn’t necessarily just for those travelling alone, trying out different cuisines can prove to be a challenging task especially when a member of the group has certain dietary restrictions. As you are alone, take this opportunity to eat up and dive into the various cuisines. Ask the locals for some of their recommendations and don’t be afraid to try out new things. Just make sure that you bring Imodium as some dishes may not exactly agree with you.

Do Activities That’s Unlike You:

Think of it like this. You’re alone in a place where no one knows you. It’s definitely okay to let out your wild side. After all, no one will remember you. When travelling solo, it would be best to try and do stuff that you normally wouldn’t do. Go bar-hopping. Getting smashed drunk. Trying out Extreme Sports Skydiving Las Vegas. Whatever floats your boat. Just be responsible and have the time of your life. 


Some people even let out the nerds in them. The ones they hide deep in the closet in fear of ridicule. These people spend hours upon hours just going around museums and old libraries. It would also be a good opportunity to cross off an item or two on your bucket list.

Always Know Where You Are:

While it is definitely okay to just walk around aimlessly, it still necessary to have a general location of where you are. This is also for your safety. If you get lost and can’t ask the locals because of a language barrier, you can easily check

Be Mindful of Your Schedule:

When travelling solo, it’s easy to lose track of the time especially if you are having the time of your life. To ensure that you do not miss booked tours or flights, set an alarm on your phone an hour or two before the call time. Rebooking missed tours and flights are, after all, an unnecessary hassle for you. 

Take Many Pictures:

Who will take pictures of you, you ask? This is where being polite and friendly comes in. it is not an uncommon behaviour to ask strangers to take pictures of you. Just remember to do it with a smile and thank them afterwards. Aside from that, you should also take pictures of the many sceneries in front of you. This will allow you to reminisce in the future. 

Talk To The Locals:

Talking to the locals will provide you with a unique and unforgettable experience. Aside from learning the history, culture, and language of the country you are in, befriending the locals also have an extra benefit. Since they know the area more than anyone else, more often than not, they will recommend some places that are not well-known tourist spots so you can avoid the hundreds of thousands of visitors clamouring to get in one place. 

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