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9 Ways To Keep Your Car Clean For Long Time

It is said that cleanliness is a stepping stone for good health, may it be your surroundings like your home or may it be your car, they must be clean all the time and maintained regularly for hygenic purposes. A car can also be considered as a space where you hang out with your friends and loved ones and often eat food there too. This can cause and give rise to a lot of germs inside the car. To avoid the health problems that may be caused after getting infected with diseases, you must clean your car regularly. You can also check out for car-related services.


  • Wipers: 


It is important to change your wiper blades when they get dirty. If your wiper blades are not working properly, you should have them properly installed.


  • Air Filter: 


This should be replaced every six months. If you or your car is getting dirty after a visit to the car wash, the air filter may need cleaning or replacing.


  • Oil: 


Place the oil filter cap on the engine intake. Do this to remove the residue that is present on the bottom of the engine. Do not forget to replace the oil cap after you have finished.


  • Tire: 


These should be rotated after six months. The inside of the tire should be inspected. If you find any objects inside the tire that should not be there, you should have the tire repaired.


  • Gas: 


Check the gas cap to ensure that it is not leaking. This is important to make sure that you are not transporting any harmful fluids around in your car.  


  • Brakes: 


This is one of the most important parts of your car. It is very important to check your brakes every time you use them. You should check the brake pads and the wheel bearings. If you find any damage, you should have it repaired before it gets out of hand.  


  • Lights: 


If your headlights are not working properly, you should have them replaced. If your headlights are faded out, you should have the bulbs replaced. If your taillights are not working properly, you should have the inside lights replaced. If you see any sparks coming from the light, you should have them replaced.


  • Windows: 


Check your windows to ensure that they are not fogging up. If your windows are dirty, you should have them replaced. You should check the windows every time you drive your car, as these parts of your car are typically the most exposed to the elements.


  • Windshield: 


This is a very important part of your car. If your windshield is cracked, you should have it repaired. If you notice cracks on your windshield, you should have it replaced. 

Do any of these look familiar? Now you know if any other parts of your car should be replaced or cleaned. Are you cleaning these parts of your car properly, if yes then great, if not then do it!

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