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A Defined Salary of a Project Manager in Mumbai

After attaining the PMP® certification in Mumbai the project managers can vouch for a 25% to 40% hike in their salaries. A leading report has suggested that 140 out of 260 PMP® certified professionals stand their chances of the salary hike whereas only 80 out of 250 non-professionals receive such a hike. The statistics have been derived from the reports submitted by 500 certified and non-certified professionals working in Mumbai.

A report by Indeed states that the average salary of a Project Manager in Mumbai is INR 7, 17,776 per year which exceeds the national average by 60%.  This salary estimate has been calculated based on a salary report submitted by 292 professionals anonymously in the past three years.

A Defined Salary of a Project Manager in Mumbai

The average salary of an IT Project Manager in Mumbai is INR 13, 20,148. However, it may further depend on some factors such as experience, number of skills. The range of the salary falls between INR 5, 39,089 and INR 21,80,507.

The professional who has an experience of 0-5 years in the Information Technology industry holds the post of an entry-level IT project manager whose average salary is INR 5, 85,449 annually in Mumbai. The annual salary of an entry-level IT Project Manager in Mumbai ranges between INR 1, 82,461 – INR 12, 82,223.

What is the Benefits of PMP® Certification in Mumbai?

Being certified as a PMP® professional helps you to grow as an individual, boosts your career and helps the organization in achieving greater success. The following are the benefits associated with PMP® certification:

Give an extra boost to your career: PMP® certification gives an extra boost to your career as it makes you eligible for the top and amazing roles in the renowned companies on a global scale.

Improve your proficiency: The comprehensive training and coursework provided by the PMP® certification in Mumbai help in improving your proficiency and in the expansion of your skills.

Higher Salary Potential: professionals who carry a PMP® certification can receive a 20% higher salary as compared to non certified professionals.

Get noticed by Recruiters: PMP® certification adds credibility to your resume; you become a master in project management and a better demonstrator. This way your skills get easily noticed by the recruiters.

Greater Job Opportunity: you can also prepare yourself for better job opportunities after you achieve PMP® certification. PMP® certified individuals always have an extra edge over others.

Grasp of Language: the project management language can be grasped effectively with the help of PMP® certification. Along with this you also develop a habit of using it regularly.

Expand your Market and Scope: you can also reach out to other project managers working in the same field through PMP® certification as it provides its holders with a global community.

Appropriate to Most Industries: PMP® certification knowledge helps in increasing the value for the companies which require expertise in project management.

PMP® Professionals Perform Better: PMP® exams are higher in standard as compared to other project management certifications. So the project managers without PMP® certification are considered to be less efficient as compared to certified professionals.

Get More Challenging Projects: Here professionals are trained to work under risks and challenging environments which further makes you strong enough to tackle any kind of risks or problems.

PMP® Certification in Mumbai

If you seek PMP® certification in Mumbai check if the certification course consists of the following modes of learning.

  • Classroom lectures
  • Online learning
  • Instructor-led or live online training

Also, make a quick check about the following points:

  • Find more details about the PMP® Trainer before your enrollment.
  • The syllabus for PMP® certification is vast so make sure that the institute provides you with classroom training as it will enhance your understanding.
  • Pick the institute that provides a 45 days training where you will have to dedicate a minimum time of two to three hours daily.
  • See if the Institute conducts online Simulation Mock Tests. Along with this do verify that there are at least two to three mock tests so that your preparation is strong enough.
  • Find if the institute provides you with a reading manual or a guide which makes your learning easier. Also, make sure that they issue the 35-hour certificate.

KnowledgeHut offers you a 100% exam pass guarantee. And this is made possible with the help of extensive classroom training, course materials, mock tests and 24-hour assistance provided by the technical experts.

KnowledgeHut provides PMP® certification in three different ways, the classroom training, instructor-led training, and the self-learning method. Out of all these modes, self-learning is considered the best as the rest of them have their ups and downs. Online training can be obtained either through self-learning mode or through instructor-led mode. KnowledgeHut also provides you with 35 hours of contact PMP® training. Before choosing the correct online platform for training considers these important factors:

  • The training expert is registered
  • They guarantee and provide with a 35 hours certificate
  • The videos are presented by an English speaker
  • The duration of eLearning access

The following features of PMP® certification guarantees your success in the exam:

Exam success formula of KnowledgeHut consists of the following:

  • Practice questionnaires
  • Exam tips and PM templates
  • Math formulae and
  • 6 mock exams

KnowledgeHut offers extended support in the form of an email from their highly qualified trainers who are available throughout the completion of your course. They assist you right from your enrollment until the completion of the entire workshop.

It also offers you the unique advantage to check your eligibility using its unique “Eligibility Check”. It further helps you with your PMP Application Form Filling and its reviews, PMI Registration and also with the application for PMI Membership.

It also provides you with support sessions and interactive sessions which help you in preparing for your exam even before the date of your exam. You get the option of choosing this facility for yourself when you complete your course which helps in solving and providing answers to all your doubts and queries that are answered by the experts.

Apart from all this KnowledgeHut also guarantees a full 100% refund of the course tuition fees in case you fail to pass the exam in two attempts but the condition is that your both attempts should be within 90 calendar days of completing the course. This advantage comes with a condition that the refund will not consider any discounts offered during the time of your course.

So without wasting any more time quickly start with Knowledehut’s extensive course for PMP® certification in Mumbai

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