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Every person to prevent sexual assault can play any role. However, this article will go to know how you can protect yourself by dealing with this situation of sexual assault. And you can learn more with an awareness of sexual assault by knowing the external symptoms of offenders, such as behavior, type of threat, and so on. By reading this article, you can become more aware; here is a plan if you feel uncomfortable after that situation. There is more to it than if someone has been the victim of a sexual assault; they have been given a beautiful plan to recover from that situation. A well-planned strategy will help you the most if there is no possibility of getting any external help, so that you can get rid of this situation safely, without any hassle. What can you do to be prepared if someone hunting you in your house.  In this case you can following instruction. Then you can stay safe and prevent sexual assault.

First and foremost, know the Michigan Statutory Laws. It says that if someone engages in sexual activity with a minor (below 16), he/she violates the Michigan age of consent. In that case, the person could be convicted of a charge.

For sexual assault, someone searches you on your home

Find a familiar place, if you need to escape: If you encountered in a situation where you have to leave home, move to the safest place near your home or the home of your relative, family member, or your friends. And you know the situation around your house route very well, so you can quickly leave with a deception.

Spanish Speakers:  Por lo general los tipos de hechos a los que nos referimos son en caso de un accidente de auto por ejemplo, a un abogado de accidentes le puede servir de referencia un reporte policial.

Make a code word for help: To get out of this situation, send a message without letting the perpetrator know. You need to have a clear idea of what you want to do with the offender, and you can call the police if necessary.

Remember that your abuser might monitor your device:  Every day, you should clear cache, cookies, history of the electronic device you are using. You should reduce the use of your friend’s electronic device or electronic device in a public place such as a library or internet café.

Make excuses for leaving home: If the offender is in your home, have a normal conversation with him. Leave home with an apology, move to a safe place as soon as possible, and inform your family member or your friends.

Stay secure and safe at home: If someone wants to victimize you for sexual assault, you can change the contents of your home beforehand. For example, you can change the lock of your home, keep the door locked all the time, install new high-tech security systems, connect motion detector lights, and never tell anyone about your home security system or password.

The preparation of in case someone stalking you

Keep electronic device ready at times: Suppose you are in a situation where you can get the phone available for help, but this time your phone is not charged. So always keep your phone charged and programmed to get emergency services that you can get emergency help at any time anywhere.

Change your regular life plan: if you want to protect yourself from the person who is abusing you, change your daily routine. For example, you can change the route you used to go to work or the market.

Say more people who can save you: know the situation of the people who are always there to help you. As a result, you get rid of this situation very quickly. On the other and, you see the stalker then inform the police or your acquaintance as soon as possible.

Trust your inner soul to stay safe: In any situation where there is a danger, you should give priority to the guidance of your inner soul first, which will help you to live with self-respect at all times. Under no situation should you argue with the stalker or do anything that would causes you discomfort. Always try to walk frequently, busy places, so that the stalker will not get the opportunity to stalk you.

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