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Selecting the right security camera for your home allows you to provide enhanced protection to your loved ones. There are different types of security cameras that serve unique purposes. Being aware of their functionalities will help you in making the right decision. Along with the type, there are different factors to consider while investing in a home security system.

Types of the Security System Package

Before searching out for a security system, consider the kind of protection you need. These systems function beyond helping you steer clear from intruders. They even help you to communicate with your children who are at home or inform you when your package gets delivered. So the features entirely depend on your purpose of the security system. On the whole, you will find three types of security system packages that include:

  • Security Equipment

This includes conventional security systems such as glass break detectors, burglar alarms, outdoor cameras, etc. These tools help you in monitoring theft, intrusion, vandalism, etc.


  • Smart Home Automation

This is a more advanced package that aligns with the schedule as well as the preferences of the family. For instance, these systems can identify the home staff and let them in when you are outside or keep the lights ON when you are not in the town.


  • Environment Monitoring

These security packages come with features like pipe freeze detectors, leak detectors, smoke alarms, etc.

Type of Installation

The kind of installation you choose also determines the quality of your home security system. When it comes to installation, you have two options:

  • Self-Installation

Self-installation, as the name suggests, is when you install the security system on your own. These systems do not require any wiring or drilling; instead, they come with plugs or removable adhesive. Moreover, they can be easily set up on your internet or smartphone. Self-installed systems also allow you to demount the devices and easily re-install in another space without the help of a professional.


  • Professional Installation

Certain home security systems need professional installation in order to ensure efficiency and precision. By hiring a professional, you will save time and effort hassling with drilling and wiring work. However, it tends to be more expensive than the other option. Depending on the security system, professional installation can cost you a few hundred dollars.

Go Through the Contract Thoroughly

In order to decide on the best security system in Dubai, you need to thoroughly read the fine print. In some cases, providers need a binding contract for a couple of years to extend low pricing or discounts. Following are certain points that you should keep in mind while going through the contract –

  • Look for the equipment as well as installation fees. Check whether they offer a refund for faulty or low-quality equipment.
  • Consider the termination fees if you want to break the contract earlier.
  • Understand the cost covered by the security system in case any mishap occurs post the installation.
  • Consider the option of rent or lease of the home security system.

If there is any ambiguity in the information, make sure you ask the provider regarding the same. Being clear about the terms of use will help you save money and hassle in the future.

Professional Monitoring

Look for the security system providers that offer professional monitoring. It offers your 24×7 surveillance, and professionals are there to help you in case any alarm gets triggered. As soon as the monitoring station gets an alert from the security system, the team will investigate the situation. They will notify the emergency responders as well as you if anything suspicious has occurred. If you choose self-monitoring, then get a system that notifies you if your sensor or alarm gets triggered.

Ease and Efficiency of Use

The security system for home is designed to provide protection to your home, making sure you do not worry. The security system should be designed in a way that offers instant ease of use. In case of any emergency, you do not want to struggle with the functionalities of the system. You should be easily able to use the functions and determine what a particular sound or alert implies. Moreover, it should alert you if the batteries are running low, there is a power outage, or there are technical issues.

Smartphone Connectivity

A home security system should make it easier for you to control the system remotely. Connectivity with smartphone allows you to monitor your home even when you are at work. Mobile apps of home security systems enable you to get instant notification when an alarm or sensor is triggered. You can instantly view the footage and take necessary actions in a timely manner.

Final Thoughts

Installing home security systems allows you to add necessary protection to keep your family safe. Above are some imperative considerations that will help you choose the right security system.

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