A Guide to THC Marijuana Products & Proper Dosage

Marijuana is famous for its medicinal and recreational properties. With its legalization in most states, you can get different products from leading cannabis dispensaries. Some are high in CBD while others are THC rich, and these are the two dominant compounds in marijuana. 


If you’re a beginner cannabis user, understanding the components and dosage goes a long way. Nevertheless, most people prefer THC products due to their intense high, and there are ways to dose the products to avoid adverse side effects.


What are the common THC weed products available?


 As the cannabis industry gowns, multiple products have since come up, ranging from edibles, flower, buds, extracts, hash, and more. All vary in THC composition, and there are different modes of consumption. For instance, flower comprises of dried buds, and you can consume them by smoking through pipes, bongs, or joints. 


Edibles are also common and can range from gummies, cookies, beverages, and chocolates. These are ingestible products that undergo digestion in your digestive system when consumed. They take time to offer the desired effects, but these are long-lasting and potent.  


Edibles are favorite among many cannabis users, and the Weed Delivery London, Ontario team delivers to most consumers who order from the THC collection dispensary. Topicals are yet another weed product; you can get in THC or CBD-infused creams and lotions. These are effective in alleviating pain in achy joints and muscles. They offer targeted relief without intoxication.


What’s the recommended dosage for THC products?


There have been various questions and debate regarding THC dosage, and the response is simple. There’s no right amount of THC that you can consume. However, manufacturers give recommendations on how to dosage the products. Many recommend that you start with 2.5 mg and not exceed 40 mg of THC in a day.


Also, it’s worth noting that THC concentrations can vary between products and mode of consumption. Therefore, it’s advisable to consult your doctor as per how much you should be taking. The budtender at the weed dispensary and also help you choose the most suitable dosage for your needs.


 What’s the safest amount of THC to ingest?


Marijuana products affect users differently. This may depend on the type of product, the amount used, the mode of consumption, and your tolerance level. This makes it challenging for experts to determine the right doses since we are all different. However, it’s advisable to start with small does and keep increasing to attain the desired effects.


How does THC vary in different products?


You can consume cannabis in different ways. These are smoking, eating, drinking. The THC level may vary based on the product type; for instance, smokable cannabis can contain a wide range of THC. Most dispensary pre-rolls feature 20%-30 % THC by weight, while edibles range from 1mg-5mg per serving. Similarly, concentrates like dabs, wax, and shatter have a high THC concentration ranging between 54%-80%.


 Wrapping up


Dosing cannabis can be tricky, particularly for beginners. If it’s your first time purchasing the products, research widely to understand the dosage guidelines and effects. If taking other medications, consult your health provider before consuming the products. This rules out the probability of drug interaction.


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