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If you are considering a serious deconstruction or remodeling work at your home or office, you need to search for demolition companies. But before you start on, you need to plan out the work which will help you by making the entire process a smooth one.

Our experts have compiled the following step by step guide for you before you start demolishing your existing space. Let us have a detailed look,

  1. The planning process

A great place to start is by making a list of what needs to be done and which kind of expert you need for the process. There are different kinds of experts available who specialize in specific deconstruction and remodeling process.

If you are going for,

House demolition

You need to consider the square footage of the house, materials, foundation thickness and the proximity to neighbors.

Interior demolition

You need to consider the square footage, the presence of plumbing and electrical utilities and the accessibility of the space (upstairs, downstairs or basement)

Pool removal

You need to consider the size and the depth of the pool, the type of material of the pool, the water level and the accessibility of the pool.

  1. Get multiple estimates

Our experts advise you to get multiple quotes to make sure you get the fairest price. But the bottom line isn’t the price point. The experience of a particular service tells an untold story, so make sure your service has a great user review and experience. Make sure you know the details about timings, payment schedules and the timeframe for the completion of the project and how that affects the worker wages.

  1. Verify the license

Employing an unlicensed contractor is a risky business as it is illegal. In case of an accident, while working at your property, you will be held liable in case of an ensuing lawsuit. It is imperative you understand the vitality of having a licensed contractor. Ask for the license number of the contractor and verify the validity of the same. The absence of one is a sure red flag.

  1. Yes, you require a written contract

To avoid unwelcome surprises, it is always a great idea to get a written agreement from your contractor. It will document your negotiation and the quotation for the job along with other specific details. Make sure of the following points,

  • Work to be done
  • Material and equipment that will be used
  • Payment schedule
  • The timeframe for completion of the project
  1. Monitor the job

Don’t just check in on the project once in a while, but invest serious time and monitor the job progress. Check in on the permits and timeframe for the completion of the project to ensure the safety of the residents and users of the property.

  1. Make sure of the payments protocol

The payment schedule should ideally coordinate with a certain percentage of completion of the project. You are under no obligation to pay if you are not satisfied with the project. Make sure you determine the contract clauses after being 100% sure of all the necessary details.

Always be wary of contractors who want complete payment upfront. Any argument as the case being the purchase of materials for the project is another red flag. A popular service will always have the necessary equipment and materials at hand.

Stick close to the step by step guide when you are undertaking a “demolition job” and hire an expert contractor.

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