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Virtual Assistant & Bot Software All that you should know about Virtual Assistant & Bot Software


While the world is moving towards a phase of digitization, the primary purpose is to assist humans, make their tasks simpler, and ensure that the quality is kept intact. The call center business is moving towards a trend of using ai Virtual assistant solutions and Bot Software.

Both of them provide a helping hand to the companies and the agents working to provide the best customer experience. The word Bot has been taken from Robots, which means a machine can do tasks automatically once trained.

Advantages of virtual assistants and bot software:

The requirement for virtual assistants and bot software has been increasing because of the following reasons in the call center business:

Virtual Assistant & Bot Software
Advantages of virtual assistants and bot software

a.  Resolve queries automatically:

There are many queries which the customers come up with now and then. It is easier for the agents and adds to the customer experience if their query is resolved quickly at any time of the day after talking to a virtual assistant or through a bot software.

b.  Keep agents in the loop:

It is very important to ensure that the agents are kept in the loop during the entire problem-solving session, even though a virtual assistant.

c.  Multi-lingual:

While every agent can’t know multiple languages, the best AI solutions bring along the best customer experience.

d.  Meaningful insights:

Driving meaningful insights in a call center business is as important as ensuring the focus stays on the wonderful customer experience. Both of the two tend to bring out such outcomes hence are required for the call center business.

e.  Voice engagement:

the foremost thing that a customer looks for while he gets in touch with a call center is a voice he can talk to. Virtual assistants are the best alternatives to the conversations with the live agents indeed.

f.   Omnichannel:

To ensure the customer gets back with whatever he came looking for, various channels, including voice, email, and even assistance through chat, are provided by the virtual assistants and the bot software.

Five best bot software

1.  atSpoke:

It is a bot software used for the ticketing system. It enables the teams in the organization to provide a quick resolution to customer queries and brings the highest customer satisfaction.

2.  WP-Chatbot:

It is the most popular ai assistant solution that runs live chats for thousands of websites on WordPress simultaneously.

3.  Zendesk answer bot:

This is a great software that answers the customer’s queries immediately through the knowledge base system it has for the organization. It ensures relevancy and quick replies together.

4.  X.ai:

This is one of the bot software that saves them time by setting up the meetings, confirming the times with attendees, and much more. It links you through a calendar and enables you never to miss any important task.

5.  Alexa for Business:

A wonderful bot software innovated by amazon replies to all the customers’ queries within seconds. The customer gets satisfied, and the company saves time and money.

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